Falling for you book 2

Jades having a hard time if she want to be with jase or Liam will she choose her favorite memeber from one direction or will she choose her band mate or will Liam end up with someone else like jade would maybe???


19. the boys show up at Chloe's

Jases POV -

I really didn't want to go to Chloe's, but we had to to get Liam straight and I wanted to beat his arse for hurting jade...

I loved jade with all my heart.I would literally do anything to make jade happy,which jade loves me and she knows I would do anything for her.I am glad that I am her boyfriend and not Liam.Which Liam has a lot of explaining to do when all of us reach Chloe's house.


Jades POV-

I woke up in my own room for once it was kind if weird because I was use to sleeping in my bed in London.(which I did miss!!)so back to where I was.. I got out of bed and I checked my phone and I notice a had a text message from Chloe:


(I heard you were in Indiana at your house,also if you have time come and see me.I have missed seeing you around here.oh I almost forgot that the rest of cloud forest is here with me at my house ad I think that they want to see u so come on over!!!)

I was glad to see her text so I had to respond back,but I wanted to go but at the same time I did r because Liam was over their and I was scared to see him...!!


(Sure I would love too!!oh if it is ok with you I am going to bring the boys!!)

She text back about a minute later..


(Ok,see u whenever.!! Love u )

All I could is smile..


(Ok see whenever either love u more chloe!!!)

I turned off my phone and walked out of the door and went to the living room where...my living room was a mess!!

What the hell happened in here!!!

Oh hi jade...

Don't hi me Niall what happened to my living room guys..?

Well Louis and Harry thought it was a good idea,to have a fight to see who better at doing something..

Ok but you guys need to clean my living room because I don like a dirty house!!

Ok we will jade..

Thanks Niall..

Oh your welcome..

After dealing with what ever the guys did I went to the kitchen.Which my kitchen was clean,thankfully.i looked in the fridge and their was no food all their was was my milk that I always get.I looked in the cabinets and their was no food in the either.


He ran into the kitchen,happy as can be...

Yes love..

You had to eat all of my food seriously??


You know now I have to buy more food and I am almost broke..

Oh don't worry I can lend you some money.

No that's fine.

No it's not since the lads destroyed your living room,I owe you.

No Niall!!

Yes jade..

Ok but your coming with me to go to Walmart.

Ok do you want the others to go with us???

Umm..sure I guess..

Hey lads we are going to Walmart so you guys are coming with..!!

Niall and I went to the living room and I notice that I was clean.

Thanks guys u did good.

My pleasure love

Ok Harry quiet being a flirt..

I am not I have a girlfriend u know!!

I know I was joking Harry.

Ok I thought so.

Should we head out now..

Ok jade..

What where's Jase jade.

Oh Jase is at his house he should be over her about 2:00.

Ok that's good to know.

Your an arse hole Louis!!

I know..

We should go now.

All of us headed out to my mustang my blue one I got for my (16 birthday).


Louis POV-

Once we all got back from the store Jase was already at jades house.

Hi mate.

Hey louis.

So what's up with you?

Oh nothing..

Good I should go to the kitchen to go help jade with the bags.


I headed off to the kitchen and I saw jade talking to the others about something I heard that Chloe invited jade over and she was going to us to see Liam and Liam had no idea that we were coming and also she said the rest of her friends were over their too.

So do in know what time we are going over their??

Yes louis I do in about 30 minutes

Ok I can't wait to see Liam I have missed him so much.

I have to but it is going to be weird seeing him you know?

I know jade but you will be fine.


Harry's POV-

We had finally arrived at Chloe house it was a nice house a really nice one.i saw Liam car in the front and also I saw Jases car to he also had a mustang likes jades but his was red. I didn't want to walk in but all of had to when we walked in I saw a person that I didn't want to see


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