Falling for you book 2

Jades having a hard time if she want to be with jase or Liam will she choose her favorite memeber from one direction or will she choose her band mate or will Liam end up with someone else like jade would maybe???


24. PIZZA-EVERYONE and meeting 5SOS

Kaitlyne-we all arrived at Pizza haute only because Jade begged us to come here and of course since her boyfriend was driving he let her have her choose.Sometimes I think that Jase spoils Jade to much.But if I was with my boyfriend I think he would do the same with me.I really missed Ashton and I wished he was here.I saw Jade get us a table and as we were walking to our table a boy ran into me spilling his sprite all over my new shirt and I looked up and couldn't believe who it was it was ASHTON!! 

Ashton what are you doing here in Indiana?

"Uh we were here to take a break from our tour."

Oh thats cool

"also so I could come and see you,but I wanted to ask you something Kaitlyne later when you and me are at your house ok?"

sure love anything for you and text me when you want to come over ok Ashton ?

"sure love you "

love you to also hi and bye boys!

"BYE KAIT!!!!!!!!!"

I couldn't wait to see my boyfriend at my house wonder what he is going to tell me??

I headed over to the table where everyone was setting at.Of course Jade and Jase were setting by each other and Chloe,Emily and Patrick were right next to jade.I sat next to jase which I still don't get along with he drives me crazy,but I have to deal with it because it's Jade's boyfriend.I got to say Jade and Jase make a pretty good couple their just perfect for each other with their personality's.Our water finally came after five minutes and she was a tall skinny.brown with green eyes and on her name tag it said (Lilly).I sware I heard that name before and it hit me Liam's ex girlfriend name was lilly.I quickly grabbed m phone from my pocket and looked up (Lillyana Benson) and the picture looked just like her,"Your,Lillyana Benson Liam Payne's ex girlfriend."Yes,I am may who you be love?" She had a british accent,but what was she doing here in indiana?"May I quickly ask you what are you dong here in indiana?""well. the reason is love is that after I broke up with liam I wanted to move somewhere where I couldn't see him.and I loved this state so I moved here,and also are you Chloe Morgan Liam's new girlfriend?"

Yes I am Miss..

"Lillyana Benson liam's ex girlfriend"


so miss lilly can my friends and I have a large cheese pizza with a side of medium breadsticks please?

"sure anything love,,'


after she walked off I saw jade with a wide o on her face."what's wrong Jade?

"Oh the fact that all of us just saw Liam's ex girlfriend at Pizza Haute."

I know right"chloe said.

"Can we just go one place without meeting someone that is famous and is or was dating someone from One Direction?"Jase said

"Jase is right,chloe and Emily are both dating someone from one direction and kaitlyne you are dating Ashton from 5SOS."Patrick said

I know that guys how do you think I feel and I have a question for you guys do you think we will ever be like the band (One Direction or 5SOS)?

Well kaitlyne its hard to tell if we all want to do it,we did come in second at the X factor and simon said if we wanted to make the band on a record deal he was more than happy to be the manger of the band.But I kind of want to live a peaceful life right now just being who we were when we all became friends in the first place."

"She has a point kaitlyne>"Chloe stated

I know that but---!

I couldn't finish my sentence because lilly inturrupted our conversation.Thanks lilly for the pizza."Anytime miss"We should all dig in and finish this pizza and go home,because I need to talk to someone ok?"sure kaitlyne Jase and I could drop you off."that would be great jade thanks!"your welcome what are friends for"It took 30minutes to finish eating and everyone sorted there ways.Chloe and EMily went into chloe jeep ram.Patrick got into his ford pickup truck.I got into jades green mustang with jase and we headed off to my house so I could go and see my boyfriend Ashton....

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