Falling for you book 2

Jades having a hard time if she want to be with jase or Liam will she choose her favorite memeber from one direction or will she choose her band mate or will Liam end up with someone else like jade would maybe???


8. not a chapter

Hey everyone again so what do you think so far jade and Jase are getting closer.also you probably didn't think that Liam was leaving did u?? Also if you didn't read my first book Chloe is one of jade friend her name is Chloe lee Morgan

Which do you think that instead of Liam and jade do you think it will be Chloe and Liam??

You got to read to find out.

Also how do you think that Liam feels right now about he found jade in bed with Jase.also he doesn't know that jade and Jase kissed do you think that Liam will go back for her or will he end up with Chloe and have a lot in common.and fall in love together???

Also you probably can tell that I started bringing back the girls the boys girlfriends I am trying the best to have them in character to so that they can be part of the book to ok so like and follow me on Instagram and Twitter at timberlynjadedalton:!!!

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