Falling for you book 2

Jades having a hard time if she want to be with jase or Liam will she choose her favorite memeber from one direction or will she choose her band mate or will Liam end up with someone else like jade would maybe???



Emily-POV-I couldn't believe who it was Niall!!

Niall what Are you doing here?

Well I wanted to come and see you also the other lads did to.

Oh I did know.

Yay I miss u love.

Missed you too Niall.

Ok love birds we get we love u to and she loves you and me.harry said.

Thanks Harry.Niall said

Your welcome mate.

Can we come in Emily.Zayn said?

Sure Zayn,also can you make sure that Louis doesn't destroy my house please ?

No problem love got it covered by mr malik !!

Thanks malik !

Hey Niall


I can't wait to tell the others that your in town their going to be so happy.

"I know right."

I should call Chloe,she is going to flip when she hears your in town.i think that Chloe may cry about it when she sees Liam.

"I heard Liam has a surprise for Chloe."

He does?

"I think he said he wanted to ask u know what."

Omg he's hoing to ask chloe that!!!


Their so perfect for each other.it wouldn't be a problem for them to be together in that way.

"He may not be able to get chloe a you know what ring but I think he getting her a promise ring."

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