Falling for you book 2

Jades having a hard time if she want to be with jase or Liam will she choose her favorite memeber from one direction or will she choose her band mate or will Liam end up with someone else like jade would maybe???


4. Liam+jade or jade+Jase

Jades pov

Once we got back from our dinner,we went back to the flat to the boys and when we arrived I had notice that something was different but I didn't know what it was.we walked in hand in hand.

Ok looks like to love birds..

Shut it Lou

Ok hazza anything for you..

How was your date jade

It was good harry thanks for asking

Did you guys kiss

No we didn't niall

You guys are making her blush lads leave her alone even they did or didn't kiss it's their lives now let it be.

Thank zayn

Anytime love

Thanks and I always known your my favorite

Hey..I thought I was your favorite jade

Your are to Liam you acting like louis would right now.

Maybe because you said zayn was your favorite

Can I have more than one favorite around here

I guess not these ladies are such a pain

We aren't ladies zayn.

I am going to my room now ok

Ok bye jade

Bye guys, love you Liam

You too love

I got back to my room I opened my door and when I did their standing right in front of me was no other than.......…………,

JASE- MICHAEL-BROWN,my best friend I was shocked to see him .I haven't seen him for like a month

What-w-hat-are--are you doing here Jase.?

Her to see you love because I missed u and so did the others

What do you mean by others

I mean cloud forest but they couldn't be here because they were busy and I was free so I asked the boys if I could get a ticket to fly out to London to see u because I missed u and I want to tell you something.

Mad soon as he said that I ran into his arms and he rapped his arms around me.i felt so weird being in Jases arms because I never hugged him before.so it felt amazing to be in his arms I had to put my head in his neck and when I did he hugged me closer to him and I could smell his clone .it was the clone that I got him for his birthday last year.

I can tell u really missed me jade you like constricting me.

Sorry I didn't mean to

Oh it's ok it good to see u again.i really did miss and so do the others I bet if try were here to they would be pushing me out of the way to see u and I would probably be on the floor.

I just had to laugh at that because I thought it was funny after laughing at him he saw that I was laughing at him.

You think that is funny do u.

Yes,I do think it would be funny if they were here and pushed u to the ground to see me.


Jase POV -

I could see her laughing at me because if what have said.i had missed he laugh so much it was the best laugh I ever heard.after I found out that see was hanging out with Liam.i just didn't like that they were hanging out I know that is jades favorite member of her favorite band but I just didn't want her to end up with him I don't know what I would do if I found out that jade and Liam were together..

So that doesn't happen I decide to ask jade what I always wanted to ask her..and how I felt about her ever since I have met her.

Hey jade can I ask u a question?

Sure jade.was is it..

As soon as I was about to say something to her so knocks on the door and it no other than the person that I want jade to end up with Liam Payne...


Liam's POV

After jade had went to her room I didn't tell her that her friend Jase was coming because I wanted it to be a surprise.as soon as I thought jade had reached her door I heard her say jade what are u doing here?

I just laughed quietly

What u laughing at mate

Nothing zayn

You say it's nothing but what is it.

I think it's about jade

Is it Liam is it?

Woah woah woah Louis yes it is about jade..

I knew it zayn so pay up.

Wait you didn't tell me that you guys betted on me just because I was thinking about jade .

I wasn't in this mate.harry had stated

I know your not like that ..

Neither was I I didn't bet in me mates because that's messed up.

Thanks Niall your the best..

I know...

So the reason why I was laughing is because I didn't tell jade that her Friend was here.

Oh so that's it.....

Your dome Lou

Hazza their being mean to me.

Oh come here boo boo bear.

I sat here on the couch looking at Louis going over to Harry and faking he was crying .which was really funny.ok mates that enough.

Ok what ever you say Liam.

I'm just going to go check on jade ok?

Ok mate

So I headed up to jades room and when I reached. The door I heard that jade and her friend Jase was talking and I over heard that he was going to ask her something I knew what it was he was going to ask her out and tell her how he felt about her.so I had to stop it so when he was about to tell her I knocked on the door and walked in..

I could tell that Jase was mad that I walked in but I just ignored him and focus on jade

Hey jade do you maybe want to help me make dinner for the boys and us.and Jase if he is staying maybe?

Sure Liam

Ok I meet you down their ok love

Ok Liam I be their in a minute.

See u bye Jase I will see u later.

See u too Liam.

I slowly walked out of the room and headed down stairs and went to the kitchen to go fix super and I got out boxes of noodles and cheese and also some garlic bread.I started to pour the noodles in the pot and I felt arms rap around me.

Hey love what up

Oh nothing what you fixing it smell good.

I know I fix some good food.

Quite being a show off Liam.

After she said that she hit my arm.

Ouch that hurt jade be nice or I will get zayn or Harry to come and get you out of the kitchen.

Oh like I am scared Liam.

I know she was being funny,but people don't play around in the kitchen as soon as she was looking at me I tried to yell zayn or Harry's name and I was stopped by jade putting her hand on my mouth.

Jades POV

Now try to say their names Liam.

I could hear him try to say harry name but he couldn't say it loud enough were the boys could hear it .I was laughing from having my hand on Liam mouth and some grabbed me by the waste and it was Niall.

Get off of me Niall!!

No let go of Liam first and then I will let go of you and also I want my food I am hungry.

What if I don't

Then I will get the others

Is that a threat

Yes it is

I still didn't let go off Liam and next thing you know Niall yelled for the boys.then the rest of the boys tried to get me off and I was getting pulled at different ends by the boys when finally harry had grabbed me and put me on his shoulders.

Let me down Harry!!!

No Niall told you get off of Liam and you didn't so you get pay back we defend our brother so you lose on that one.

Sorry at lease you can put me down?!?

No jade,

Liam's POV

I could hear Harry and jade arguing about how Niall yelled for the boys and Harry got her off of me and put her on his shoulders and dragged her to the living room and still had her on his shoulders.

Put her down mate,

Sure Liam

As soon as I said that he dropped her on the couch and she screamed as she hit the couch.

Then I went over to the couch and forced her down.

Are you trying do petrify me or what?

No I told you to get off of me and you didn't and I was glad Niall came I to the kitchen to save me or I would be dead because of you.

Sorry I just wanted to scare you.

So I raised her up and put her on my lap and she was nervous when I did it.

What's a matter

Oh nothing is that I never sat on your lap before.

Maybe you haven't done something else before either

Like what

Like this

I grabbed her beautiful face and put my lips on hers and Kisses her.

After we were done kissing.she looked amazed

Wow Liam I thought that you would ever kiss me

Why would you say that.

Because you know I never kissed a boy before so you are my first kiss

And I am glad to be .

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