Falling for you book 2

Jades having a hard time if she want to be with jase or Liam will she choose her favorite memeber from one direction or will she choose her band mate or will Liam end up with someone else like jade would maybe???


5. Liam kissing jade

Jases POV

I started to head Down to this living room because I heard lots of rackous down stairs.

When I got down their I saw Liam and jade kissing.i broke me heart so much I wanted to be jades first kiss so badly and Liam had ruined it.

Hey guys what did I miss ?

Oh nothing that just jade and Liam just kissed and Harry took her from the kitchen and threw on the couch.

Oh I know I saw it..

Are you ok mate?

Yay Niall I am completely fine.

You look like you're about to break down and cry what going on?

Can I talk to you alone please

Sure mate I'll be right there.

The reason why I was so upset was I just say my best friend kissing Liam Payne for heaven sakes and it kind of pissed me off.well you could say I never even liked Liam.and now he kissed the girl of my dreams.it kind of pissed me off..

I stood their seeing Liam and jade laughing and it would make jade blush.i am suppose to be the one that kisses her and makes her laugh.i wish she never met Liam and it could be were she still was framing to the c factor and was hanging out with me.i wanted to be with jade but Liam had to walk in on us and if he didn't I could of told jade how I felt about her....

After about 15 minutes I walked back up to jades room and started to pack up my stuff that I was suppose to stay with the boys and jade for a week to spend time with jade.i had really missed having my best friend around me in indiana.and her friends missed her too.i just wanted jade to come back with me to America and be with me.I was almost finish when jade walked in on me.

What are you doing Jase?

What does it look like jade!!

Well you don't have to act like a guard dog at me !!

Well maybe I do!!!

Why are you acting like this,I never done anything to you to be acting like this at me.!!

Well maybe because I just saw you kiss Liam payne.!!

So the only reason why you acting like this is because Liam kissed me!!!!!!!

Maybe !!!!

That is ridiculous Jase !!

Well I-I-I

Well you what Jase!!

I-I-I,love you!!!

You love me.

Yes I do.

I love you too Jase.

I always have loved you jade ever since I have met you I just fell in love with you.the way your eyes turn from blue to green.And I can tell when you feel emotional.The way your red hair brightens up like the sun.The way you laugh when you find something funny.Also when you draw some of my art it just makes you smile and you always laugh when you draw.i feel like I have never been in love with someone as much as I've been with you.So JADELYNN-ROSA-ISSACC,do you feel the same way about me?

Jase what you said was amazing,but I don't know how I feel about you Jase?

What do you mean jade ?

I mean I do like you but I think I like Liam too.

Jade,like told you I would do anything to make you happy and would love you like no other.i would never tried to hurt you jade.

Aww..thats sweet.

I couldn't help myself looking into her blue eyes was hard not to kiss her.i know Liam did kiss her but I wanted to kiss her.she was just breathtaking how could you not say she is.the way her hair would go down to her waste and how her clothes would fit her and how she would rock cowgirl boots in just loved everything about her.i couldn't resist it anymore so I kissed her little soft lips.At first she didn't kiss back but then she did her lips on mine were amazing jade was my first kiss and I couldn't believe I kissed her.I didn't think I had it in me.when I let go .she looked amazed but upset at the same time.

What's a matter jade?

The thing we just did that's it.

I love you Jase

I love you too

I just had to kiss her again..

I think that was the best moment of my life.the way she rapped her arms around my neck and I would put my hands on her waste which she did get a little jumpy at first but she was fine after it.i just loved her so much I never wanted to let her go.this is what I have been waiting for my whole life is to kiss her..

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