Falling for you book 2

Jades having a hard time if she want to be with jase or Liam will she choose her favorite memeber from one direction or will she choose her band mate or will Liam end up with someone else like jade would maybe???


16. leaving for indiana?

Niall'a pov-

It was the next day and everyone of us were getting ready for indiana.Well we all have been their before for a concert,so we knew indiana but we never been around where jade and Jase lives and it was going to be new.i had pack a whole suite case full of clothes and I went to the living room to see if everyone else was done packing.

I arrived in the living room and I saw everyone but jade..

Hey Harry where's jade?

I think she maybe be in her room.

Niall,jade is in her room getting something she told me.

Thanks Jase.

Your welcome..

I headed up stairs again to go look for jade.I knocked on the door,but it was open so I yelled for her..

Hey jade where are you we're getting to put everything in the van to head to the airport.I went into jades room and I found her in her music room playing her guitar.she started playing...one thing.

I tried playing it cool,but when I am looking at you.I can't ever brave cause you make my heart break.

Shot me out of the sky,your my crib tonight.you keep making me weak,yea frozen and can't breath.

Something going good now cause I am dieing to make you see.that I need you here now cause you got that one thing.

So get out get out out of my head,and fall into my arms instead.i don't I don't don't know what it is.but I need that one thing.and you got that one thing.

Now I am climbing the walls and you don't know us at all.that going out of my mind all day and all night.

Something going good now cause I and dieing to just know your name.and I need you here with me now.cause you got that one thing.

So get out get out out of head and fall on my arms instead.i don't I don't don't know what it is,but I need that one thing.get out get out out my mind and come on come in into my life.i don't don't know what it is but I need that one thing and you got that. One thing.

You've got that one thing.

get out get out get out of my head.and fall into my arms instead.

So get out get out out of my head. And fall in to my arms instead.i don't I don't don't know what it is but I need that one thing.

get out get out get out of my mind,and come on come in into my life.i don't I don't don't know what it is but I need that one thing and you've got that one thing.

Wow jade that was really good.

Thanks Niall

You have an amazing voice I can see why you don the X factor for your really good,also are you ready?

Yes,I am ready to go back to my home but I Am going to miss all of you guys.

Come here and give me a hug also I will miss you too.

Thank for the Hug Niall you always give good hugs.

I know..also we ahold head down their if you are ally packed.

I'll get your suite case and you got your guitar and ale most here this is for you..

This is the key to the flat I can't take that .

Yes you can I asked the lads if I could make you one and of course I asked Paul first.he said yes ALSo did the lads,do you can have it and also if some thing were to gapes you are always welcomed here.also this is your room always.

Thanks Niall I love you so much.

I do too little sis.

I like that name

Me too..

We both headed down stairs and on we we got to the living room jade was took from beside me by Jase ,which i didn't care because I think their prefer for each other better than Liam.i know Liam is my best mate but what he did to jade was just ridiculous and I now think that jade and has should be together more than jade and Liam.

Ok everyone are we ready

Yes mr James horan,louis said

Yes niallier Harry said

Yes dude Jase said

Yes bro jade said

Yes love ally and Brittany said

Yes mr horan Luna said

Yes mate zayn said

Ok everyone so we should head to the door because Paul is waiting for us.



We all go to the air port and we were surrounded by papa.which was bad for the band of one direction but Jase and jade they can get out easy.well I hope they can..

Hey jade an Jase you guys news to go first because it will be easier for you to get on my privet jet.

It will be Niall,but how.?

Well since your not in the band they won't know who you are so you can get the paps and while the rest of us can't so u guys can get their faster.also are guards will help you get their too.

Ok Niall will see I soon on the jet ok.

Ok by jade love you..

Love you too.

I saw Jase and jade run for the air port hand in hand which was cute.

Ok everyone else we need to be quick because our plane leaves in about 29 minutes

Ok Niall we should go now..

The rest of us quickly got out of the paps and were off the the airport....

We finally got in the plane heading to Indiana it was a fun ride for me because right across from me was Jase and jade jade would freak out about being off the ground because this is only her second time on a plane and it was freaky to her.which of course I laughed at her and she would give me a dirty look and go back freaking out which Louis tried to come her down by doing what Louis does best being Louis,it would make her laugh of course.

I couldn't wait to go to Indiana to because I was going to meet Kaitlyne which I heard she was nice but she can get mean.She was a blond like me,but she had green eyes not blue like me.Which I didn't care because I like a lot of girls with different eyes...we all decide to sit with different people like I sat alone of course,while jade and her friend Jase sat together and Harry and Luna sat together and Brittany and louis sat together and last zayn and ally sat together....I wished I had a girlfriend and was happy like the others were...

Harry's pov-

I was setting with my beautiful girlfriend luna when I looked over at Niall(which is still the only on single)I saw that he didn't look happy like he always does...

Mate what's wrong??

Oh nothing Harry it just I wish I was happy as all of you guys were..

Oh love you will be.

Luna is right Niall you will be one day happy like all of us..

I know I just wish I could find it now..

Well maybe u should see if you like any of jades friends..

Hey that's a good idea..

We finally got off the plane...about 6:30 pm and we headed to cargo to get our bags.while get our bags we could hear fan screaming for us.all u could hear is (One DIrection!!!)>3.i drove me crazy from all the screaming but I just love my fans even if they can be loud..

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