Falling for you book 2

Jades having a hard time if she want to be with jase or Liam will she choose her favorite memeber from one direction or will she choose her band mate or will Liam end up with someone else like jade would maybe???


11. going shopping with Chloe

Liam pov-

I got up and went to go get dress and to brush me teeth and I headed out to the living room after I was done..

I saw Chloe come out of her room wearing the nicest crop top wit some nice ripped pants with some white tennis shoes with her hair in a messy bun.with a little make up. She look very beautiful ..

What you staring at Payne ??

Just you you look pretty

Well thank you look nice yourself...

Thanks so what are we going to do today??

Oh nothing all I have to do is get some stuff from the store for me and if u want u can come with..

Sure I would love too..


We headed off to where we were going......we went to walmart and got what we needed and I didn't get spotted their either which I was glad..

So what did you get Chloe while getting into the car

Oh some girl stuff ad some food for the house..

Ok that's nice...

Your funny Liam

Thanks I take that as a complement

You sure do ok lets listen to some of your guys music I love it..how about one thing that one of my favorites.

Ok that good

So we listen to one thing----Liam

I tried playing cool but when I am looking at you

I can't ever brave because you make my heart break.

Harry-shot me out of the sky,your my crib tonight

You make making me weak yay frozen and can't breathe ..

Zayn-some thing going now haut dieting to make you see that need you here with me now because you got that one thing...

Louis-so get out get out out of my head and fall in my arms instead.i don don't know what it is you got that one thing

Niall-and I you can look up the song because I am having a hard to trying to write it----

---- we got back at the house and put everything away and since it was a nice day Chloe had asked me if I wanted to go swim in her pool so I said sure and so I wait over by the pool and when Chloe came out in her swim suite she was breathtaking just breathtaking ...the way her swim suite curved her body was amazing she was just beautiful I think that I like her and I think it was way more than I had with jade ..

We both swam in the pool for about 15minutes

Then I went over to Chloe and told her how good she look and she said

Thank Liam

Aww your welcome Chloe

I don't try to impress you this all I have as a swim suite ..

Well it looks good on you and she came closer to me we were inches a part when my lips touched her and I kissed her ....it was a sweet kiss and I never felt so amazed before and it was good .

Wow Liam that was that was just wow !!!

I know I am an amazing kisser

Wow I have to go I will be right back ok ??


You can come with if you want


I had know Idea how I was going to explain This to the lads and the girls and even jade if she found out see would kill me but since she is hanging out with that Jase lad she is fine ....

Hey Chloe what are u doing ?

I looked for her and I found her in her room playing her piano that she had by a desk with pictures of her and jade they look like when jade and her were younger.they must be really close friends.

I heard her play --story of my life

Chloe -Written in these walls are stories that I can't explain.leave my heart open but it stay emitipy for days

Liam -she told me in the morning she don't feel the same in her bones.it seems to me that when I die the words will be written on my stone.

Chloe-I be gone gone tonight.the ground beneath feet is open wide the way I've been holding on too tight.with nothing in between

Liam-The story of my life.i take her home I drive all night to keep her warm in time.it fro-zen.

Story of my life I give her hope.i spend her love intill she is broke inside the story of my life.

Chloe-written on these walls are colours that I can't change.leave my heart open.

But stays right here in its cage..

Liam-I know in the morning now see us in the light apon her ear.all though I am broken my heart in tamed still.

Chloe-all be gone gone tonight,the fire beneath my feet is buring bright the way I've been holding on so tight.with nothing in between

Liam-the story of my life I take her home ,I drive all night to keep her warn in time.it fro-zen.

The story of my life,I give her hope I spend her love until she is broke inside.the story of my life.

Chloe-I been waiting for this time to come around .but baby running after you is like chasing the clouds..

Liam -the story if my life I take her home I drive all night to keep her warm in time.it fro-zen

Liam and Chloe-the story of my life,I give her hope I spend her love in till she is broke inside.the story my life

The story of my life.....

The story of my life ......

The story my life.......

After finish ing the song it was wow I never heard Chloe sing before she was really good she was good like jade was .I can see why jade chose her to be in her band ....

She was just amazing Chloe was a dirty blond where hair went down to her shoulders she was just too cute..and she did wear make up but not to much of it.it really brings out her face and she just looked beautiful.i have a feeling that I am falling for her and I think she may like me too...


Chloe's pov

After Liam and I were done singing I got up from my piano and headed to the bathroom to get ready for bed and I think that Liam did the same I think after we sang that song I feel like I may like him.but what if I do what am I going to do if me and Liam do ever go out what would jade think that I may of stole her man,but that same time I think that she has Jase so she should be fine with it..

After getting in the bathroom. I got into bed ad went to sleep and I am falling hard for Liam and I have know idea what I am going to do...


Hey every so what do you think if this chapter do you think that Chloe and Liam will ever be together or not tell me waft you think....

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