Falling for you book 2

Jades having a hard time if she want to be with jase or Liam will she choose her favorite memeber from one direction or will she choose her band mate or will Liam end up with someone else like jade would maybe???


9. flying to go see Chloe in indiana

I landed in America in (Indianapolis)indiana.i got of off my privet jet and headed inside of the air port and text Chloe that I was in indiana.she responded with a text

*hey I got your text I'll be their in about 5 minutes and I also have jades and jases other friends with me if it's ok with you*•Chloe

Oh it's fine with me Chloe can't wait to see you.

Love you Liam bro

You to sis.

Me and Chloe did met before when her and they rest of the band was together in London performing on the X factor.also the reason why she called me bro was if me and jade ended up together we would be like brother and sister which Chloe and jade are not related in any way but they were good friend.and so were me and Chloe.

I waited outside for five minutes when my phone when (Ding)

*hey were here "Chloe

Ok I am heading your way also what car are you In

*chloe-oh were in a red van if your wondering and passenger is free I shoved Kaitlyne to the back so you could sit.*

Lol,real nice Chloe!'liam

I know I am a good friend-x

I headed to the front of the air port to look for a red van and I found it and I walked up to it and this kid Patrick yelled what u up to Liam ?

I can tell you met Patrick

Yes I have and this is Kaitlyne Emily and me Chloe.

Well nice to met you guys again,

Nice to see you again to Liam -Kaitlyne said

It will take about an hour to get my house if that's ok.

Ok that's fine I will just in joy the ride.


Chloe pov

When I found out that Liam was coming to America I freaked out and I was literally jumping off the floor screaming Liam was my favorite member of the band one direction.also Liam was jades favorite member of the band too I thought that they had a spark between each other when they met at the X factor:but I guess not.

Also him being in my car right now I was literally freaking out.but I had to stay com.he was so cute with his hair that he cut was his style and when he got in the car he had a leather jacket on and under that jacket was a short sleeve shirt that I think was Harry but they did share clothes still.and his nice tennis shoes were amazing too they really went with is his jacket..

---Liam's pov

When we were almost their When my phone started to ring I looked up at it and it said 😜jadelynn .i really didn't want to answer it but Chloe told me I should answer it so I did

(Where on the world are you Liam ??

I-I am with

Wait who are you with I think I know ??

I am with your friend Chloe Kaitlyne Emily Patrick. Here in indiana.

Your telling me that you flew all the way to indiana because you saw me and Jase in bed together .

Yes that it!!

I said harsley..

That is the dumpest reason ever Liam I am getting off here though so bye Liam

Bye jade....)

I know I never had a conversation like that with jade.

Well you did leave and didn't tell her where you went and it probably hurt her feeling Liam don't you care about her.

I do Chloe but she hurt me inside and I left and called you and asked you if I could stay with you and you said it was fine with you.

But next time tell jade even if your mad at her where your at ok Liam

Ok Chloe.

When we got to Chloe's house it was nice for living half way out of the city and not living out of the city.She had a 4 bedroom house and 3 1/2 baths with a nice kitchen and dinning room with a nice living room and also. In ground pool.

Wow your house is nice how can you add ford this

This just took down time to save up for and a hard working job and you get this amazing house.

Oh let me shoe you to your room she guided me to a room that had a Queen bed with night stands on both sides the room had poster of me in the white room.

I like this room expecallly the 4 posters of me on the wall.

Thanks I am a fan I like your music it is good

Thanks it nice to meet a fan

Also it is nice to meet you to Liam. James Payne .

You too Chloe lee morgan.

Also I sound weird can maybe you sign one of my poster maybe ?

Sure I would love too.as long as you don't like freak out on me because I know how to defend myself.

I promise..

So which one do you want me to sign

This one that has you and the boys on the phone tower.

Ok liam Payne I wrote on it.

Thank Liam


Also you can not tell any off your friends that I am here ok.

Also Liam you don't have to worry about that because barely anyone knows who you are around here some people have never heard of one direction before??

Ok so I am safe

I guess you are and also I am going to take the other home woo you can make your self at home and don't go in my room please I don't like people in my room and their is food in the kitchen if you get hungry.

Thanks see you Chloe

See you Liam.

I got my stuff unpacked and put in the closest and dresser too.

I headed out of my room that I was staying in and headed to the kitchen and I looked threw the cabinets and I found noodles and sauce and also I found stuff to make a salad to fix I decide that Chloe should be home in about so I decide to fix her supper so to thank her for letting me stay here.

I got done I got the dinning room table set up with food as soon as I was done Chloe walked threw the door..

Oh that's smells good Liam what is it??

It is noodles and sauce which make pasta and also I made a salad to ..

Yum,sound delicious

Thanks here sit

What a gentlemen.

My pleasure also this it to thank you for letting me to stay here.

Oh your welcome anytime I would do it for any of my friends.


We got done with dinner and some shampame and we were on the couch together watch twilight saga.once the movie was done we headed off to bed it was about 9:00 pm so we decide to go to sleep which I was tired from the flight.

I had a good night sleep and all I remember was staring at my phone and then I dozed off..

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