Falling for you book 2

Jades having a hard time if she want to be with jase or Liam will she choose her favorite memeber from one direction or will she choose her band mate or will Liam end up with someone else like jade would maybe???


13. cracking Chloe up

Chloe's pov-I woke up this morning and went to the kitchen thinking about last night were me and Liam sang story of my life.he was just breathless when he sang, he was really good.And I think that I have a crush on Liam James Payne.while thinking of That amazing man,someone had grabbed me while I holding on to the fridge tightly.

Let go of me Liam,I said just laugh my arse off.

No love I won't let go of you..!!

Please Liam..

Ok sure !!

He just threw my on the couch and all u could do is laugh...

Next thing I knew was Liam was on top of me and he leaned in closer to me and we kissed.it was a slow kiss but a nice kiss.

Wow Liam why in the world did u kiss me!!

Because I wanted to and i think your cute ..!!

Thanks,Liam I think your cute too.

I-I-li-li-ike you..!

You like me Liam ???

Yes,I do I think you are an outstanding person and only knowing you for four days already is amazing.

It nice meeting you too..

I like you too Liam.

I know you do also would you like to go on a date with me later?

I'd love to...

And next thing I know is me and Liam were kissing. Again.I hope jade doesn't mind if Liam may ask me out one day.I think I should call jade and tell her about Liam..yay that's a good idea.

After that amazing kiss I went to my room down the hall and started getting ready.i got out one of my favorite dresses of all time it was a blue dress with a tight was and had a low back with the bottom of the dress touched the ground.and it was strapless to.after getting my dress on I ran to the bathroom down the hall and looked out for Liam so he didn't see. Me which I made it out their (alive).It was really easy to get to the bathroom,once I reached the bathroom I put on so make up but I didn't put on that much so it brought out my face.I looked at my self in the mirror and thought I looked flaw less that what I think,but I don't know Liam. Is going to think I hope he likes it.before I headed out of the I called jade,I had to tell her about what Liam said and I missed talking to her so I called her..

She finally picked up at the four ring


(Hey jade what you doing?)


(Well,that I am stuck in a room with louis Tomlinson!!!)


(Well I feel bad..)

I heard louis say hey in the background all I could do is laugh...


(So how have you been Chlo??)


(Oh...I've been good,and ALSo I need to tell you something..)


(What is it Chlo??)


(Well....it's about Liam.)


(What about Liam Chloe?)


(Well..maybe Liam asked me out on a date and kissed me..)


(He WHAT!!!)


(I said he asked me out on a date and kissed me..)


(I got to go...!)


We both got done talking and I think it went pretty well.i was walking out of the bathroom heading down the hall to the living when I stopped and looked at Liam her was wearing a black suite with a nice white shirt under it.

You look nice Liam..

You look beautiful Chloe.

Thanks Liam..

Anything thing for my flower..

Did he just call me his flower???

So should we go??

Sure love..

Ok Liam I'll follow you we walked outside and I ad notice their was a horse and carriage in front of us..

You got us a horse and carriage???

Why yes I did do you like it love?

Yes yes yes!!'

Ok I knew you would ..

Thanks Liamnardo

I like that name I'll keep it...

You first Chloe...

He helped me up in the carriage and. Got in wit me after he helped me..


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