Falling for you book 2

Jades having a hard time if she want to be with jase or Liam will she choose her favorite memeber from one direction or will she choose her band mate or will Liam end up with someone else like jade would maybe???


23. A new beginning

 jade's POV-(2 months later)

I couldn't believe Jase and I have been together for two months already.I was sad that the boys had to leave for london,I really missed them.Just being here in indiana is amazing,but I loved being in london alot more.I was setting on the couch with my boyfriend and watching Emily,Kaitlyne,Patrick,and Chloe playing a board game.I think they said they were playing (the game of Life).which everytime Emily won she would jump in the air doing a funny dance and telling us how she was the best at (the game of Life).I heard Jase laugh beside me.

"what are you laughing about?"

"Oh,nothing but your friend Emily telling us how good she is at the game of life.Thats it."


"Hey,jade do have any (chicken in a bisket)?"

I think their in the cabinet beside the fridge.



I saw that emily's phone went off because it has a one direction song when Niall texts and calls Emily (Nobody Compares).

I really wanted to see what Niall text Emily because they just started going out this month and Emily has been having a hard time dealing with Niall being gone away to London.I would feel the same way if Jase was in london,like Niall is.I looked up at jase and smiled at me.I heard him whisper something in my ear(your beauitful my lovely flower).I just giggled at that and saw everyone looking at us with (awww).come on guys you konw it is always going to be like this when jase is around me!

"We know jade,we can tell jase really loves you(like alot)."

real funny chloe.

"She's right jade,you have jase right beside you,but Chloe and I don't have Niall and Liam."

I know that I get it.its hard not having your boyfriends with you all the time.also thanks for telling me that Emily.

"sure no problem"

Oh I got a text from Ashton!!

Who's Ashton Kaitlyne?

"My boyfriend from 5SOS!"

"Your dating Ashton from 5SOS?"

'Yes,Chloe I am.remember when the lads left they told me that a boy named ashton said he was looking for a girl that he could have to be his forever,so Louis thought it was a good idea to give my number to Ashton and he end up calling me after they left and we hung out a few times and he told me we have a lot in common so he asked me a week ago to be his GIRLFRIEND!!"

"That's nice Kaitlyne,I bet you are really happy together."

"we are Chloe and I really miss him so Jade it counts as three missing their boyfriends now!"

Ok,ok I get it you dont have to tell me many times.

"sorry the girls are being over wellmining."

Patrick you don't have to say sorry about that their my friends and their girls,girls are going to do that.

"Thanks I can tell now."

Your an arse..

"I know I am.."

"Hey jade do you think we should go get some Pizza?"

That would be good jase I think I am hungry and so are the other so I thin we should go get some pizza.

We all headed off to go get some pizza I couldn't wait to eat pizza!!!!.............................................





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