Falling for you book 2

Jades having a hard time if she want to be with jase or Liam will she choose her favorite memeber from one direction or will she choose her band mate or will Liam end up with someone else like jade would maybe???


27. a guest a my door??

Emily's pov-today was just a day where I could do nothing because their was nothing to do. everyone else was with friend or with boyfriends.well I couldn't say that because jade and Kaitlyne are the only ones hanging out with their boyfriends.and I think chloe is hanging out with Patrick.

All I am doing is playing my guitar in bedroom and really missing Niall.the only way I feel like Niall is here when he sings to me he always sings (The best song ever).i always have a smile on my face every time he sings.he voice is to die for.who wouldn't love to be with Niall he just so dreamy.

While strumming my guitar I heard a knock at the door I went down stairs I went to the door and opened. It and I was shocked on who it was it was a person I didn't know I was going to see..........

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