The only shadow of death

When the eclipse is about to take place, werewolfs believe it will kill the sun and leave their world in darkness forever, and they're right! Will they be able to find the cause and stop the eclipse in time? Or will they be sent to a much darker fate?

This story and its idea originally belongs to the author Mistopia. All rights reserved. October 10, 2017.

1. Warning

Amy rushed through the forest, as the moon slowly set itself in front of the sun. Amy growled, for she knew that it was going to go dark, but if the stars went out in the darkness, the earth that Amy loved so dearly would be stuck in darkness for all eternity. She knew she couldn't let that happen.

She raced through the forest to get to the Wolf Empire to warn them. For many centuries, werewolves had roamed and ruled the earth, and had the ability to speak to the stars. The Wolf Empire would speak to the stars in times of crisis, to either warn them or ask for help.

Recently, before the lunar eclipse, Amy had discovered that this particular eclipse was building up an unstable amount of lunar energy. If the stars where not warned, the unstable amount of lunar energy would spread disaster throughput the entire galaxy, leaving it in darkness forever.

Amy approached the Wolf Empire Gates and said to the guard, "I must speak with the Wolf Empire! It's an emergency!" The gates opened and the guard escorted Amy to the Wolf Council.

"Pardon me, but this young lady says she has critical information." The guard says. "What is it child?" One of the councilwoman asks Amy. "It's the eclipse!" Amy shouts, "Theres an unstable amount of lunar energy! It's gonna put the whole galaxy in total darkness for all eternity!"

Amy looked at the Councils reaction. Their faces said it all, read with worry, panic, and confusion. "Are you positively sure child?" "Yes!" Amy responded. "You have to tell the stars! Warn them! Tell them to move the moon!" Amy yelled. Again. "We can't! We lost contact with the stars decades ago!" "You have to try! If you don't the world— our will be lost in darkness! Everything will die!"Amy pleaded for the council to do something- anything! "Well... how long do we have?" Amy looked up through the skyline and saw the moon on the suns edge borders. "Two minutes..." she said. "Two minutes until deaths victory....

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