All the lovely shadows

Have you ever lived in someone's shadow? Well when Irma gets a boyfriend she soon turns herself into everyone's shadow.

This story and its idea originally belongs to the author Mistopia. All rights reserved. October 10, 2017.


1. Irma and jake


"Jake!" I called. "Jake!" "Irma?" I pushed myself into Jake and wrapped my arms around him. He wrapped his arms around me too, and we both sighed. I let go and looked him in the eyes, asking him, "It's been so long! How was your summer Jake?" "Pretty boring without you in it." He answered, giving me a kiss on the wrist. My face was flushing with blush. "I'm so sorry I canceled on you for Fourth of July, I got really sick..." I said. "It's okay sweets, I'm just glad I'm with you now." 

We both lean in for a kiss when my best friend-Juliet— pushed us apart. "You two don't wanna be caught kissing on school grounds. The consequences are pretty savvier." She said, pushing her glasses into place. "Juliets right.." I say agreeingly as I scratch the back of my head.

The first bell begins to ring as the students in the courtyard all make their way towards the doors. I manage to squeeze my way through the hustling crowd and make my way to my locker. 

I scramble in the locker combination and open up the metal door. I take my backpack off and unzip it, taking everything I need for the school day out. I zip it back up and slip it into my locker.

I suddenly hear a loud, deep voice calling out my name and instantly know it only means trouble....


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