The Monsters

A few short horror stories.


1. The monster under the bed.

Amelia peeked under her bed, checking for any signs of a monster. "Hello?" Amelia called. But no one answered. "Phew..." She said in relief as she snuggled her way into her blankets. "No monsters tonight." Amelia looked around her bed for her dearest stuffed animal, Blinky the cow. "There you are." She said, grabbing her Blinky. Amelia held Blinky tightly, as if a strange force was trying to rip it from her. Amelia looked up at the ceiling and saw her green glow in the dark stars and she whispered to Blinky, "Goodnight..."

Amelia had a long, peaceful sleep, until she hear scratching noises in the middle of the night. She sat up in her bed, coming out of a deep sleep, she yawned. Then she noticed Blinky was at the end of the bed sitting up, instead of where he was, which was in Amelia's arms. The closet had been opened, and scratching noises where coming from inside of it. 

Amelia was too scared to get up and investigate, but she did however, reach for Blinky. But as her arm got closer to Blinky, the farther her plushie would slip away. As if it were a magnet, trying to connect with the closet. Or maybe it was bait to lead her into a trap. But whatever it was... it was working.

 Little Amelia swiped her hand at Blinky trying to grab him, but Blinky shot across the room and landed at the edge of the closet door. 'Should I get up and save Blinky?' Amelia thought, nervously. 'If I do I might get caught, but if I don't i might lose Blinky...' Amelia debated for what seemed like ten minutes, and she went over the pros and cons of staying in bed or rescuing her favorite stuffed animal. 

"Ok I'm gonna do it.." She said, making up her mind. She flipped the blankets over her legs and stepped out of bed. She creeped up to the closet and very cautiously grabbed Blinky. She bolted back into bed and then stared aimlessly at the closet door. She looked at the floor on the closet door and she could see a very pale hand with long, sharp nails.

"Amelia?" Called a voice beyond the closet. "Leave me alone!" Amelia demanded. "I'm not here to hurt you..." "I don't care! Leave me alone!" The closet door began to open slowly. "Stop it!" "One of us..." "Please leave me alone!" Amelia said finally. The closet door was fully open now and out of the shadows stepped a tall, skinny, pale figure with jagged teeth and sharp nails. It jumped at Amelia and ripped out her heart!

Amelia then found herself....

.....Waking up....

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