The Monsters

A few short horror stories.


2. The China Doll

Some families will  collect normal things like China or bottle caps with the Smith family was not like other families this particular family collected china dolls. One  Day the Smith family's daughter   Cammie was playing with her normal dolls near the  China doll cabinet. She was playing near the cabinet when the door to the cabinet suddenly flew open. One of the dolls had fallen out. Cami thought that most  of the dolls were creepy. But the specific one that had fallen out she thought it was the creepiest of them all. She got up from sitting on the floor, and she picked up the doll gently when all of a sudden the  doll smiled back and  blinked it's eyes. She quickly dropped the door as it smashed into bits. This did not please the China dolls. Later that night when Cammie was sleeping her door was shut,  and usually when Cammie sleeps her door will remain shut. But on this night it was left open as if some strange force did not want to  to close. So the door slowly creaked open and in came three of the China dolls. They walked and climbed up Cami's bed and stroked her hair. Then one of the dolls pulled out a freshly sharpened knife as Cammie woke up with a scream. The dolls quickly vanished into thin air as Cammies mother came running into her room. Her mother noticed a trail of blood leading from the China dolls cabinet, through the living room and the kitchen and all the way into Cammies room right at her bed foot. Then Cammies mother shouted "get rid of those dolls!"  


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