The Campgrounds 2 A novel

The Campgrounds in the Montana mountains is a dangerous place for hikers, and campers.

When Alison Johnstone and her friends head to the camp, they struggle to fight off the local wildlife, as well as a killer who is intent on more mayhem.

The thrilling sequel to The Campgrounds.


2. The new campers


Christine Gorman, ​Frances's younger sister, stared out of the passenger-side door of the grey van. She was excited to go to Moose Woods; she was thinking that her sister's issues there with the wildlife, and a killer, wouldn't affect her. She was fourteen years old, and had been a new camp assistant at the campgrounds for a season. She looked at the rugged mountains that were fearsome to look at. When Amie Harris, her best friend,  was the same age as her. She was a volunteer for the ​Montana Youth Wildlife Association​ for two years. Christine, who also volunteered for a year, wanted a job in nature. Christine stared at the campgrounds. A sign that read: ​BLACK BEARS ARE DANGEROUS-RANGER IAN FRANKLIN. ​Amie pointed with her left hand at the wooden cabins. She saw the spacious office, as she pondered on the dreadful news of animal attacks over the last three years or so. She gazed at the serene looking lake, as she wandered whether the campgrounds was really safe for campers. Christine looked at Moose Woods. and shivered.

"Are you alright, Christine?", Amie asked her.

"Yes, I am. There's a sense of pride in camping, you know". She looked at the lake. By lunch time, the two teenagers got out of the van, and headed to the cabins together.


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