The Campgrounds 2 A novel

The Campgrounds in the Montana mountains is a dangerous place for hikers, and campers.

When Alison Johnstone and her friends head to the camp, they struggle to fight off the local wildlife, as well as a killer who is intent on more mayhem.

The thrilling sequel to The Campgrounds.


5. The killer at the camp


The killer ​gripped the sharp knife in her right, black gloved, hand. 

She watched the campers and waited for the time to strike.


Evelyn Blanchard was hiking through the Montana mountains. The cold air was biting. She wore a red shirt, black jeans, a brown, snake-skin belt, tan brown socks, and black boots on her feet. Her long, black hair fell downward; her hazel eyes focused on the dark woods where black bears roamed the spacious area; the elks, and other animals, stared at her. Evelyn, who was nineteen, was always alone. She was about to go to Hopewell Springs, a weekend vacation house that connected to the edge of Moose Lodge when she heard the sound of growling. She screamed in terror, and as she turned her back, she saw a huge elk watching her. Evelyn screamed in terror. Suddenly she headed away from the campgrounds...and headed to her 1980 red van. She was about to leave when she saw a black bear.


It growled. 

Then, as she drove away, she was glad that she was alive.


Alison, Danielle, Christine, Amie, and Toby, stood around the lake. The weather was fifty degrees. All of them were shivering; all of them were thinking that the nightmares of the past didn't come back to cause them grief. "I don't think that there's any killers around here", Danielle shivered. 

"I suggest we come back in the summer of 2018 for two weeks". And she they threw black wood on the warm campfire so that they could be kept warm overnight. 


Corey Davison stared at the campgrounds. He was concerned about the bad publicity that the Moose Woods Association of Montana ​newspaper reports had riled D. Charles Worth, Jr., the President, said in a rare interview last week, about the wildlife attacks. And, as for the recent deaths of campers at the campgrounds, he was quoted as saying: "The camp will be closed soon due to renovations that'll last all winter after this week. We've informed the campers... and they'll be gone by six o'clock pm".


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