The Campgrounds 2 A novel

The Campgrounds in the Montana mountains is a dangerous place for hikers, and campers.

When Alison Johnstone and her friends head to the camp, they struggle to fight off the local wildlife, as well as a killer who is intent on more mayhem.

The thrilling sequel to The Campgrounds.


4. The campgrounds


"It's not my​ fault ​that Richard wasn't here", Danielle Jane Wise said. She glanced at Toby Price, her boyfriend. He smiled at her. "Richard D. Long is a Phi Kappa Phi fraternity brother. He enjoyed camping, too". Danielle stared at the eerie campgrounds. Toby shook her head. A hot sun gleamed in the afternoon. Toby saw the cabins. A group of campers in vans...and cars...surrounded the tents. Danielle, who was eighteen, had long, black hair, brown eyes, and petite. She wore a black shirt, blue jeans, brown socks, and light brown boots on her feet. Toby had short, black hair, hazel eyes, and tall. He was eighteen. When they headed towards the campgrounds where they met the other campers.


Alison arrived at the campgrounds. She saw a sign that read: "​MOOSE WOODS​". She gazed at the cabins, where  the other campers smiled at her.

"Hi, I'm Alison".

"I'm Christine. And this is Amie".

"And I'm Danielle, and my boyfriend Toby". As the small group walked towards the old lake, they shivered from the unnatural stillness that added to the creepy atmosphere. Alison stared at the brown windows. When they put their luggage underneath the black bunks, all of them felt relaxed as they spent their time looking at the surroundings of the woods.


Bill Anderson smoked a cigarette. 

He glanced at the campers. He didn't think that the nightmares of the distant past would cause further issues. He had remembered the Internet app stories about the Montana killers. He scanned the news, as he focused on the mountains. A cold, biting, wind blew from the north; the wind was hitting the campgrounds at fifty miles per hour; the wind was knocking down several black chairs...and tables. He stomped on the cigarette with his boots. Then he  watched them, and knew that they would be in trouble.


Alison gazed at Moose Woods, She was eager to think that campers were too scared of the wildlife; she was determined not to believe in evil in the campgrounds. She walked along the glistening lake. The weather was fifty degrees...and dropping. The winter season almost upon her. She stared at the cabins. Christine, Amie, and Danielle, were wearing warm clothes. "Next June, the new group of campers will be here", Amie said. She smiled at everyone, as all of them settled down in the cabins.

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