The Campgrounds 2 A novel

The Campgrounds in the Montana mountains is a dangerous place for hikers, and campers.

When Alison Johnstone and her friends head to the camp, they struggle to fight off the local wildlife, as well as a killer who is intent on more mayhem.

The thrilling sequel to The Campgrounds.


1. Alison Johnstone


Alison Johnstone ​watched the grey coloured van. She heard her mom, Jane, speaking to her husband, Bradley; she shook her head, as she sighed with frustration.

"The rangers are on patrol. They're looking for large black bears, elks, and other creatures in the dark woods". Alison nodded. 

"My friends are coming here soon, Mom". 

She looked at the bold lettered sign: ​Welcome to the Campgrounds​. Jane, who was wearing a red shirt, shook her head; she adjusted the sleeves with her right hand. Then she saw the beginnings of the early, winter, frost. Alison wore a black shirt, black jeans, a brown belt, blue socks, and tan brown hiking boots on her small feet. At thirteen years old age, she wasn't as tall as the other girl campers. But she was more agile. She was good at her self-defence classes in the town of Montana; she was used to fighting off bad people. She had heard about the campgrounds from her best friend Frances. "​Be careful of the wildlife...and the human killers​", she informed her. Human killers​, she thought to herself. She attended Montana High School. Alison knew her friends were glad to spending the winter away from home for a week from their nagging parents. Alison knew what happened to her parents last year when one of the hunters accidentally shot them instead of an elk with an air rifle. Jane's lawyer, Donald R. Franks, Jr., sued the shooter, Tim West, for damages. In the end, the Johnstone family were awarded over two million dollars at the Montana Supreme Court last September. In the end, Alison knew that hunting was in her family's blood. She gazed at the campgrounds...and breathed in the fresh air. 

"Here's your grey gloves", Jane said.

"Thank you, Mom".

And they smiled, as they thought about Dave  Johnstone, who sadly passed away aged forty-six from his injuries.Jane, who was forty-three, had been married for fifteen years, leaving them rich in the eyes of the law. 


Alison walked along the glistening lake. She looked at the house in which Old Peter lived. He had died at the hands of a killer. She had heard about the stories of murder, and death that cursed the campgrounds for a long period of time.

"​Is it true about the black bears in the wilderness?​", Alison asked Frances,

"​Yes, they're huge beasts whose bite is devastating to the victims​", Frances answered her. And that was it. The backstory of the campers who came before her. She took a long breath. Then she smiled at her mother. Jane walked past her daughter,

"Well, I have to leave, I'll see you in a week. Good bye, Alison. I love you".

"I love you, too Mom".

And she watched her leave Moose Woods...and drove back into town.


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