Johnlock Fanfic

One of them doesn't know if the other likes them, and the other is sure that the other is just shy and afraid to admit their feelings. But in the end, everyone's happy.


8. Chapter 8

If you think John said yes, then you're sorely mistaken.......................................(ahaha just wanted to freak you out, of course he said yes).

"Husband. You know I REALLY like the sound of that," John hummed as he and Sherlock, his husband as of a couple of hours earlier, lay with each other all cozied up with blankets on the couch.

They had the fire going, the warmth adding to this perfect moment.

"You know what I like even better?" Sherlock chimed. "The sound of John Hamish Watson Holmes."

"Hmm, I like it too, love."

When John had come home that one day to find Sherlock proposing, he could have squealed like a little girl. He was planning on doing it himself, but Sherlock obviously wanted to prove that he could do it, that he loved him as much as he said and showed in different ways. John was so touched that Sherlock had gone to the effort. Everything had been so beautiful and romantic, and just so perfect. He had cried it was so amazing, but frantically nodded his head and whispered a 'yes' as he got to his knees so as to hug and kiss Sherlock passionately. It was certainly a night to remember.

And now, after confessing their feelings, becoming a couple, and then being married, everything was just as it should be.

"You know something else?" John asked.


"I love you." He felt Sherlock smile, as he had his face in the crook of John's neck. He felt Sherlock kiss him along his neck, sending shivers up and down his spine.

"I love you too, Mr.Holmes," Sherlock whispered into his ear.

John felt Sherlock's chuckle vibrate through his chest as John's breath hitched. Sherlock was taking after John's behaviour, and he couldn't help but be surprised in some way. Sherlock still had his shy fazes but he was certainly becoming more confident. John had to admit that he liked the change, but he still loved his shy, stuttering Sherlock.

Neither could believe that they actually made it this far. Sherlock thought that he'd never be able to express his feelings since he had been too quiet about that sort of thing. Also that John might not feel the same, that when he said 'I'm not gay' he was serious. On the other hand John didn't want to push Sherlock, because he knew he was still afraid to show who he really was. He didn't want to take a chance only to blow it all. None of that mattered now, though. They both were happily married. And most importantly, they were so deeply in love with each other. Many people might say that happily ever afters don't exist, but this, this was another story that did have that happy ending. This was Sherlock's and John's love story.


So yes, that is finally the end. I hope you all enjoyed. Next up will be some reader x character fan fiction. I'll post some as soon as I can.😄✨👋🏼

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