Johnlock Fanfic

One of them doesn't know if the other likes them, and the other is sure that the other is just shy and afraid to admit their feelings. But in the end, everyone's happy.


7. Chapter 7

"Sherlock? I—" John paused as he looked at the stairs leading up to their flat.

It was covered with rose petals and candles. The power had been out for some time, so the candles made sense. But the rose petals? Now that must have been a different story. The couple had been together for nearly three and half years now, and only on their anniversary or on romantic dinners had they had rose petals and candles together. Maybe Sherlock was throwing another dinner for him. He was so considerate, and that was one of the many things he loved about Sherlock.

On the bannister there stood a small card. On the front it read 'John'. He took the card and opened it slowly as if afraid he'd ruin it or miss something written on the inside.

'John, make your way upstairs, and don't ask any questions. Make sure to look around for another card. I love you.'

John read it over three more times before holding it to his chest. Whatever Sherlock had planned was going to be as good as ever. After all, he got the only thing he wanted; Sherlock himself. John walked up the stairs, searching for another card as the recent one had instructed. When he reached the landing just before the entrance to their flat, he saw another small card pinned to the door. Same as the other, it had his name on the front, and a little blurb of writing when he opened it.

This time it said, "John, my sweet John. I've loved you since day one, and although I'm sometimes unable to say it—mostly do to you making me speechless—I still want you to know that everyday I come to love you more. You've turned my life into something more meaningful, and have excepted me for the 'man child' people claim me to be. And for that I am eternally grateful. Being your boyfriend is everything I could ask for. But I don't want that anymore, to be your boyfriend. I want to be more. Proceed to walk into the living room. Remember, I love you.' John felt his eyes tear up.

If this was going where he thought it was, he would be the happiest man in the world. And he'd have Sherlock by his side. John opened the door, and the sight in front of him took his breath away. Rose petals continued its trail all around the room. While candles were placed everywhere, giving the room a romantic, warm touch. And there, in the midst of it all, was Sherlock. He was kneeling, and in his right hand was a ring. He wore a tux and that damned purple shirt of his. John couldn't rip his eyes off of him.

"So, John Hamish Watson. Will you marry me?"

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