Johnlock Fanfic

One of them doesn't know if the other likes them, and the other is sure that the other is just shy and afraid to admit their feelings. But in the end, everyone's happy.


6. Chapter 6

"J-John? What are you d-doing?" Sherlock stuttered.

He found it extremely hot but overwhelming that John had pushed him up against the wall, surprising him. Sherlock wasn't exactly the type to freely speak his feelings. He felt as though he'd just embarrass himself. If anything Sherlock wanted to impress John, not make him laugh.

"You don't think I notice what you're trying to do? You think I don't know?" John stepped forward as he said this, as if he wasn't close enough.

Sherlock bit his lip and let out a little squeak as John lightly shoved him back to keep him right to the wall. "What are you—"

"You know very well what I'm talking about. The little touches, your stares. I can feel your eyes burning through the back of my head, Sherlock. And that time that you 'fell'," he continued with a gesture, "your face was as red as a rose. You don't think I observe, but I do."

" have feelings? For me?" Sherlock wasn't quite sure what else to say. 

John was spilling everything, and Sherlock was just mesmerized by how he said it all. He was sure that he could tell John now. He had given him the confidence to do it.

John chuckled, and Sherlock felt a ripple of happiness rush through him. "I thought I made that clear."

"Yes." Sherlock took a deep breath. "I-I um..."

Sherlock couldn't find the right words. He wanted them to be meaningful, but all he could think of was what sounded like cheesy phrases. If John did like him for who he was, then he'd know that he's at least trying. Sherlock looked into John's eyes, and thought of the many times he'd wanted to kiss him, hold him, just be close to him. Sherlock wanted this. He really wanted to finally be with John.

"I feel...the same." He sighed.

That was harder than he thought. Sherlock desperately wanted to share how he felt, but he was so insecure about it. There was nothing wrong with liking the same gender, he knew that. He just didn't want to make a fool of himself. He didn't want to disappoint him.

"I...I always have this feeling, in my stomach, when I see you. When you comforted me as I was having a nightmare, I just...just wanted to stay with you. I wanted to do more than hold your hand. I wanted to lay with you like you did last night, but I couldn't tell you. I was always...hesitant. I—"

Sherlock was cut off by John. "Oh shut up."


And then John Watson kissed Sherlock Holmes.

At first Sherlock was shocked, frozen. And then as John worked his lips against his, Sherlock relaxed and just let it happen, melting into it. It was passionate and gentle and heated. Sherlock couldn't get enough, and moved his arms so that he hugged John. John took his chance to run his hands through Sherlock's hair. FINALLY, he sighed mentally. Sherlock whimpered as he felt the soft pull on his head. It didn't hurt, it just made him feel so much more comfortable and attracted to John.

"Are you alright, love?" John asked between kisses.

Hearing Sherlock make the noise made him go crazy, but of course he was still careful. The last thing on his mind was hurting his consulting detective. LOVE. Just one word made Sherlock feel so special. Like he was the only man in the world. He hoped John used it as often as he could. Sherlock loved the rush in his stomach when he was called the nickname.

"Mhmm," Sherlock hummed.

"Mm good."

They continued to kiss each other until they could hardly breathe. John wasn't finished, however. He reached up and placed a trail of kisses along Sherlock's defined jaw line down to his neck until he heard Sherlock's breath quicken. When he softly bit down on the crook of his neck, Sherlock jumped and yelped. This is where John decided to stop. He looked up at the taller man, his face completely flushed. His eyes flickered from the floor to John's eyes, and then back to the floor. He was shy again. John didn't mind. He found it adorable. When he raised his hand to touch Sherlock's face, Sherlock flinched.

"I won't hurt you." He laughed. "I mean, I'm sure I've proved all I want to do is give you the feeling you give me."

"I know. I'm just not used to people reaching out to me. Especially not to be...romantic?"

John understood that Sherlock couldn't fully comprehend all of these emotions and actions, and he loved that he was so confused. It gave him the opportunity to teach him exactly what each emotion really was like.

"Romantic," he confirmed. "And get used to it," he whispered seductively, watching as Sherlock shivered. At least he understood that.

For the rest of the day, the two rested on the couch together while the television was on just for background noise. While John rested on his back, Sherlock placed his head on his chest as he wrapped his arms securely around Sherlock. They both went deeper into how they felt for each other. John teased Sherlock when his uniform was brought up, and even mentioned wearing it some time for him. At that Sherlock buried his head into John's chest in embarrassment.

"Ah cmon, love. It's nothing to be shy about. I the idea." He kissed Sherlock's head and smirked when he heard him gasp.

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