Held dear-Betrayal-#1

When Nina and Scarlet lose their best friend to the kingdom, they seek help from a lady named Lexha but when they discover Lexhas secret, it pushes her from them forced to betray them, turning lexha evil. Can Nina and Scarlet get their best friend and lexha back? Or will it be too late?


23. Scene Twenty Two

 <Winter shop>

Shopkeeper- Why hello! Anything I can interest you in? 

Maxine- Yes, we’re looking for winter coats and warmth potions .

Shopkeeper- That would be in aisle four. 

Scarlet- Thank you.

*Maxine and Scarlet walk into aisle four*

Maxine- Now remember Scarlet, were just getting what we need. That means no sleds, no snowball potions and no—

*Maxine turns around and sees Scarlet carrying a sled, two snowball potions, and a hockey stick*

*Maxine sighs*


{Switch to Nina, Rodena, and Lexha}

Lexha- Is it ready yet?

Rodena- Not quite. But almost.

Lexha- Well you might wanna pick up the pace! Nina could wake up at any moment!    

Rodena- Alright! Alright! Here! 

*Nina starts to wake up*

Lexha- Good morning, Nina! I made you some special soup for breakfast!

Nina- No.....

Lexha- Come on, your not going to tell me that your not hungry? Are you?

*Nina smacks the bowl out of Lexha’s hands*

Lexha- Ugh! How dare you! *Lexha inhales sharply* Fine. Have it your way. STARVE.

Rodena- What now, Lexha?

Lexha- Tie her up.

Nina- No!

*Rodena runs out of the room to grab some rope*

Lexha- This was your choice. Yknow that, right?

*Rodena enters the room with rope*

*rodena ties Nina to a chair*

Rodena- [Sarcastically] Hope your comfortable. Cause your gonna be here a while.

*Lexha and Rodena leave the room laughing*


End Scene

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