Held dear-Betrayal-#1

When Nina and Scarlet lose their best friend to the kingdom, they seek help from a lady named Lexha but when they discover Lexhas secret, it pushes her from them forced to betray them, turning lexha evil. Can Nina and Scarlet get their best friend and lexha back? Or will it be too late?


24. Scene Twenty Three

Maxine- Put it back Scarlet!

Scarlet- (whiningly) But why?

Maxine- Because we have no use for a cat potion!

Scarlet- (Mumbling) Maybe you don’t.

Maxine- What’d you say!?

Scarlet- Nothing!

Maxine- Fine, then put. It. Back!

*Scarlet scoffs and puts the cat potion back on its shelf*

Maxine- Thank you. (Jokingly) Now let’s get a dog potion.

Scarlet- What!!

*Maxine burst out laughing*

Scarlet- I hate your soul...

Maxine- Yeah, your point? Now come on let’s go get that invisible spell. 

Scarlet- Wait, I don’t think they have that potion. Because this specific spell shop has a limited variety of options. And I don’t think invisibility is one of them.

Maxine- I think your right. But! They will have the ingredients!

Scarlet- Yeah!


{Switch to Lexha, Nina, And Rodena}

Lexha- I’m bored of waiting for to do something. 

Rodena- Then how about we take her out while she’s under a mischievous spell?

Lexha- Nice.... but you’ll have to prepare the-

Rodena- Already done!

*Rodena holds up a maroon powder*

Lexha- Good thinking! Now let’s just apply the powder and take her out to town!

*Rodena and Lexha walk into the living room*

Rodena- We’ve come to a realization.

Nina- Oh yeah?

Lexha- Yes, we’ve realized that if you aren’t hungry then you don’t have to eat. However... you will have a choice for our next offer.

Nina- .... I’m listening.

Rodena- You can either go out with us and cause a little mischief, or you can go under a spell.

Nina- (Sarcasm) Wow... so many options....

Lexha- The choice is yours.

Nina- *Scoffs* Fine. I’ll go by choice.

Lexha- Excellent decision! Untie her.

Rodena- Got it. 

*Rodena loosens the ropes around Nina*

Rodena- One more thing.

Nina- Name it.

Rodena- If you try to escape, you will face the consequences.

Nina- *Sighs* okay, I’ll add it to the list of things not to do.

*Lexha rolls her eyes*

*Rodena takes the ropes off Nina*

Nina- Much better.

*Lexha tosses Nina a heavy coat*

*Rodena, Nina, and Lexha put on their coats*

*Lexha opens the front door*

Lexha- Let’s go, shall we?

Rodena- We shall.


{Switch to Maxine and Scarlet}

*Maxine opens a very large spell book*

Maxine- Hmmm... invisa, invisa, Invisa..... Ah! Here it is! The ingredients for an invisibility spell!

Scarlet- Wow... I’ve never seen so few ingredients for something so useful....

Maxine- Let’s see... frogs eye, chameleons tail, pig snouts, web of spider, and lastly.... crushed snail shell. 

*Scarlet grabs a pencil and paper and writes ingredients down*

*Maxine writes down ingredients too*

Scarlet- Okay! Let’s get looking!

*Maxine walks to the left and Scarlet walks to the right*

<Maxine POV>

[Maxine walks down the aisle of amphibians]

Maxine- Newt? No... Salamander? Nope... Toad? Getting closer! There it is! The frog! 

*Maxine bends down to the bottom shelf below the frog cage*

Maxine- Frog leg... frog breath... frogs eye! 

*Maxine grabs the bottle with a frogs eye in it and puts it in a basket*

Maxine- Next... Amphibians!

<Scarlets POV>

[Scarlet walls down the farm animals aisle]

Scarlet- Pigs... pigs... pigs... Aha! Pig snout!

*Scarlet yanks the Pig snout bottle off the shelf*

Scarlet- Next stop... spider town!


End scene

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