Held dear-Betrayal-#1

When Nina and Scarlet lose their best friend to the kingdom, they seek help from a lady named Lexha but when they discover Lexhas secret, it pushes her from them forced to betray them, turning lexha evil. Can Nina and Scarlet get their best friend and lexha back? Or will it be too late?


22. Scene Twenty One


*Ice chills Maxine’s nose*

Nina- Max...

Maxine- Shh. You need your rest...

Scarlet- I feel fine. Promise.

Maxine- I know you do, Scarlet. But Nina needs her rest.

Scarlet- Then why did you have me lay down?

Maxine- Because you need your strength. I get the feeling Rodena is going to come back, and she’s going to come back angry.

Rodena- Got that right!

*Maxine flips around and stares at Rodena*

Maxine- No... 

*Maxine reaches for her sword*

*A fireball blasts the sword away from Maxine*

Lexha- I don’t think so....

Scarlet- Lexha!?

*Lexhas eyes glow red* 

Scarlet- No.... 

Lexha- Oh, but yes. It’s true. I’ve been turned. And honestly, I’ve never felt better!

Rodena- And now that we’ve risen to our true forms, no one can stop us!!

Maxine- What’ve I done?

*Lexha forms a fireball in her hand*

*Maxine dives for her sword*

*Scarlet draws back an arrow from her bow*

Scarlet- Hold it! Lexha I don’t wanna hurt you!

Lexha- Pity.

*Lexha throws her fireball towards Scarlet*

*Rodena freezes Maxine to the ground*

Lexha- Grab her!

*Rodena grabs Nina*

Scarlet- Nina!! No!!

*Scarlet screeches and clutches her burned side*

*Maxine cuts the ice with her sword and bolts towards Lexha and Nina*

*Lexha and Rodena teleport away with Nina*

Maxine- No!

*Maxine falls to the ground*



{Lexha, Rodena, and Nina}

Lexha- Good job Rodena!

Nina- *Mumbles* Lexha?

Rodena- Hmmph. 

Nina- Rodnea? Lexha? no... no... no. no. no.

Lexha- Shh. There, there Nina... its going to be okay.

*Nina starts calming down*

Lexha- Rodena?

Rodena- Yes?

Lexha- Open my book to page three hundred fourty two. Can you- Will you prepare this spell?

Rodena- Sure! Looks easy too.

Lexha- Excellent. 

*Lexha sits next to Nina and strokes her hair*


{Switch to Maxine and Scarlet}

Scarlet- Ah! Its getting worse!

Maxine- Thats because the medicine is working.

Scarlet- If i ever see either of their smug faces again, I swear im gonna-

Maxine- Gonna what? Kill them? Hurt them? Make them pay?

Scarlet- Precisely.

*Maxine sighs*

Maxine- Unfortunately, whether you like it or not, we cant touch a hair on their heads. Not while they have Nina.

Scarlet- i forgot about that...

Maxine- How could you forget they took our friend!?

Scarlet- Maybe because i was focused on the two rotten apples!

*Maxine scoffs*

Scarlet- Ouch!! Watch it with the burns, would you!?

Maxine- Sorry.

Scarlet- .... So... whats the plan?

Maxine- The plan?

Scarlet- So your saying... you don't have a plan?

Maxine- No i do. But it mostly involves looking in the harsh weather of the Ice Mountains.

Scarlet- Thank god.


End Scene

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