Held dear-Betrayal-#1

When Nina and Scarlet lose their best friend to the kingdom, they seek help from a lady named Lexha but when they discover Lexhas secret, it pushes her from them forced to betray them, turning lexha evil. Can Nina and Scarlet get their best friend and lexha back? Or will it be too late?


25. Scene Twenty Four

Maxine - Did you get everything on the list?

Scarlet- Yup! Did you?

Maxine- If course!

Scarlet- Alright let’s get these ingredients checked ou—

Maxine- Look!

*Maxine points out the window*

Scarlet- Huh?

| Scarlet sees Rodena turn a corner |

Scarlet- Their here!?

Maxine- Shh! We can’t let them know that we’re here!

Scarlet- Right. 

Maxine- Let’s get the ingredients checked out and follow them. 


{Switch to Lexha, Rodena, and Nina}

Lexha- So! What should we do first? 

Rodena- Hmm... Good question.       

Lexha- Oh! We should start a fire!

Nina- W-What?

Rodena- Yeah! Great idea Lexha!

Nina- We can’t start a fire! 

Lexha- But why not? 

Nina- Because of the people in the town!

Lexha- What are you so afraid of? A mob? A couple of screams?

Nina- Well... Yes!

Rodena- Don’t worry, shinny! If we cause a mob, we can always slip out of town, and a couple of screams isn’t gonna haunt your dreams! We specifically chose this town because the citizens are smart! Smart people means no deaths from the fire!

Nina- I.... I .... Okay.....

Lexha- Good girl.

Rodena- Not anymore!

*Lexha and Rodena laugh*

*Lexha pulls out a box of matches*

*Rodena claps her hands*

Rodena- Let’s get this party started!

Lexha- I completely agree. 

*Lexha and Rodena turn to Nina*

Rodena- What do you think?

Lexha- Are you ready for some.... excitement?

*Nina sighs* 

Nina- Ready as I’ll ever be. I guess...

Lexha- Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it.

*Lexha pulls out three matches and hands one to Rodena and Nina*

Lexha- Everyone pick a building and set it on fire. Meet back at the fountain once we’re done.

Nina- Do I have to do this?

*Rodena shows the powder to Nina*

*Nina sighs again*

Nina- I’ll do the hospital....

Lexha- Awesome! I’ll get the blacksmiths.

Rodena- I’ll get the school!

Lexha- Ready?

Lexha, Rodena, Nina- Split!


*Rodena runs around the corner and dashed to the school*

Rodena- Burn bebe, Burn

*Rodena lights the match and throws it into the bush near the wall*

*Fire spreads to the wooden school*


*Lexha laughs ominously*

Lexha- Perfect distraction...

*Lexha lights the match and sets fire to the blacksmith* 

Lexha-Now time to split and get what I need.


Nina- Gosh... I can’t believe I’m doing this.... 

*Nina pulls the match from her pocket*

Maxine- N-Nina?

*Ninas eyes widen*

Nina- (Whispers) Oh no....

*Maxine runs up to Nina*

Scarlet- Nina!

Maxine- Nina! What are you doing here?

Nina- You guys have to go!

Scarlet- Why?

Maxine- Nina... don’t push us away... tell us what’s going on.

Nina- No! You guys don’t understand! If I’m caught with you two they’re going to turn me-

Lexha- What are you doing!?

*Nina lights the match and throws it towards the hospital*

Maxine- Nina! What are you doing!

Nina- Get away from me!! 

*Nina pushes Maxine to the ground*

*Lexha walks up to Nina and grabs her arm*

Lexha- What did I tell you!? Stay away from your friends! 

Nina- I-I-I’m sorr-y!

Maxine- Let her go!

Scarlet- Release our friend!!

Lexha- =To Nina= You tried to tell them, didn’t you?

*Lexha puts two fingers to her mouth and whistles loudly*

Lexha- We’re leaving!

*Scarlet and Maxine draw their swords*

Lexha- I wouldn’t if I were you.

*Rodena jumps in front of Lexha and Nina*

Rodena- n'importe où mais ici!  

*Lexha, Nina, and Rodena teleport away*


End Scene

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