Held dear-Betrayal-#1

When Nina and Scarlet lose their best friend to the kingdom, they seek help from a lady named Lexha but when they discover Lexhas secret, it pushes her from them forced to betray them, turning lexha evil. Can Nina and Scarlet get their best friend and lexha back? Or will it be too late?


26. Scene Twenty Five

Maxine- No! Not again!

*Maxine curses under her breath*

*Scarlet starts laughing*

Maxine- (Angrily) What are you laughing about!?

Scarlet- Oh... just laughing at the fact that I was able to place a tracker on Rodena when she slammed into me.

Maxine- .... How the heck did you pull that off?

Scarlet- Just because you think I’m risky doesn’t mean I don’t know what I’m doing.

*Scarlet pulls out a tracking device*

Maxine- Lemme see! Lemme see the tracker!

Scarlet- We can’t go after them yet! We still have to brew the potion!

*Maxine sighs* 

Maxine- Alright. Let’s go make the potion, track down those 'witches', and rescue Nina.

*Scarlet nods*


 {Switch to Lexha, Nina, and Rodena}   

*Rodena, Lexha, and Nina teleport to the cabin in the mountains*

*The grey teleportation mist vanishes*

Lexha- You tried to tell! How dare you!

Rodena- Such a disappointment.

Lexha- We~ Out of the kindness of our hearts~ Gave you the option of free will! But now... I don’t think we can trust you with that!

*Lexha lets go of Nina’s arm, throwing her against the wall*

Nina- Lexha! Listen to me! Neither of you are being yourselves! You have to come to your senses!

Rodena- *Firmly* No Nina! Listen to us! *Gently* You can join us! You can be a part of our team! Our family! 

Nina- This isn’t a family...

Lexha- Yes it is. You just can see that.

Rodena- Not yet anyways.....

*Rodena pulls out the potion powder and blows it on Nina*

*Nina inhales the powder and passes out*


{Switch to Maxine and Scarlet}

*Maxine opens the door to the Brewery*

Maj- Welcome! Welcome! And welcome to my little shop!

Maxine- Um, yes, hello. 

Maj- What can I help you two ladies with today?

Maxine- We are here to brew an invisibility potion.

Maj- Oh! Yes! One of my favorites!

*Maj pulls back a brown curtain to reveal a cauldron*

Scarlet- Sweet. How much gold for the brew?

Maj- Oh I don’t accept gold.

Scarlet- Then.. what do you take as payment?

Maj- Memories.

Maxine- Huh?

Maj- I’ll usually accept one of The happier memories, but sometimes depending on the aura, I’ll take sad or angry memories. 

Scarlet- Okay...

*Maj walks up to Scarlet and takes her hands*

Maj- But for your payments, each of you shall give me a memory of sadness, and a memory of rage.

Scarlet- I’ll go first.

Maj- very well.

*Maj waves her hand in the air as a blue trail of light crosses into Scarlet's memories*

*Maj snaps her fingers and the blue light retreats from Scarlet's mind with a purple orb*

Maj- One down. (To Maxine) Are you ready?

*Maxine nods*

*Maj waves her hands in the air again, as a red light trails into Maxine's memories*

*Maj snaps her fingers and the red light retreats with a green orb*

*Maj puts both orbs into glass bottles*

Maj- The brew is all yours.

Maxine- Thank you.

Scarlet- We deeply appreciate it.

*Scarlet and Maxine close the curtains behind them*

Scarlet- Let’s do this.

*Maxine pours water into the cauldron*

*Scarlet pours all the spell ingredients into the pot*

*Maxine and Scarlet grab hands*

Maxine and Scarlet- chaudron chaudron ce qui est dans le pot s'il vous plaît faire en raison de ce que vous avez!

*Cauldron starts glowing green*


{Switch to Lexha, Nina, and Rodena}

Lexha- Quick! I think she’s waking up!

*Rodena runs into the living room with a cup of water in her hand*

*Nina groans*

Rodena- Hey Nina.... Howard you feeling?

Nina- (mumbles) Hate.....

Lexha- Huh?

Nina- Hate.

*Nina rolls over and faces Lexha and Rodena*

*Rodena jumpers back*

Rodena- Woah! Look at her eyes! They’re red!

Lexha- Hmmph. Must be a side effect. Oh well, better than nothing. (under Lexha’s breath) Better than normal too.

Nina- Boring!!!

Lexha- (Uncaringly) Awww are you bored?

Nina- YES!!!!!

Rodena- I’m bored too....

Lexha- Ugh... fine. Let’s go do something evil again. Same town?

Nina- Yes!

Rodena- Yeah.  

Lexha- Great! Because I already know what we’re going to do!


End Scene

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