Held dear-Betrayal-#1

When Nina and Scarlet lose their best friend to the kingdom, they seek help from a lady named Lexha but when they discover Lexhas secret, it pushes her from them forced to betray them, turning lexha evil. Can Nina and Scarlet get their best friend and lexha back? Or will it be too late?


4. Scene three- Journey

In the afternoon

Nina- We should get ready to go.

Scarlet- Yes, I agree. I got a lot to pack before the big adventure.

*Lexha nodded in agreement.*

Nina- We'll meet up at the exit door of the village.

Scarlet - Ok see you guys there.

*The trio went to their separate houses.*

*Nina, Scarlet, and Lexha gather at the gate.*

Nina- Do we have everything?

Lexha- I do.

*Scarlet glance at her bags and then nods.*

*All three look back once more at their home. After that, they set out on their journey a lifetime.*


*They were on the road for some time. By then the sunlight is diming.*

Scarlet- Can we rest yet? 

Nina- No we can't. Let's try to reach the next village.

*Trio push forward fighting their tediousness. To their dismay, however, the destination was not reachable. They set up camp.*

Nina- Lexha can make fire with your magic?

*Lexha bite her lip hesitating to use it. 

Nina- It is ok we can do it the usual way.

Scarlet -I'll gather some wood.

Nina-Don't gets too far from here.

*She leaves the campsite.*

Lexha- I am sorry I was not helpful.

Nina- Like said earlier it's alright.

Lexha- So what is the plan to get Maxine back?

*Scarlet returns with wood.*

Scarlet- I'm back again, What were you two discussing?
Nina-Just was talking about how to bring Maxine back.

End Scene

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