Held dear-Betrayal-#1

When Nina and Scarlet lose their best friend to the kingdom, they seek help from a lady named Lexha but when they discover Lexhas secret, it pushes her from them forced to betray them, turning lexha evil. Can Nina and Scarlet get their best friend and lexha back? Or will it be too late?


8. Scene seven

Lexha- There done.

*All three move closer to the fire rubbing their hands.*

Nina- Thanks 

Scarlet- Stars are beautiful tonight.

*Lexha and Nina bob their head in agreement.*


Nina- I think I'm going to bed first since I was up the night before.

Lexha -Ok.
Scarlet- Do you want me to stay up to watch?

Lexha- I will do it so you can sleep.

*Nina and Scarlet goes to bed. Lexha bents over on her knees.*

*She waited until two were sound asleep to make her plan.*

*In her mind.*

Lexha thoughts-I will go with them until I find a time to separate myself from them. Then I'll do the unthinkable deed.



Nina-I had a blissful sleep.

Scarlet- Me too.

*Lexha covers her mouth.*

Nina- Let us eat so we can move on.

*The trio swallow the breakfast food and pack up everything. Nina, Scarlet, and Lexha begin to walk.*

*Three hours later.*

Scarlet- My feet are killing me!

Nina- Oh, deal with it like us.

Scarlet- I wonder how long it takes to reach the place where Maxine is?

Lexha- I am sure we are close.

Scene end



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