Held dear-Betrayal-#1

When Nina and Scarlet lose their best friend to the kingdom, they seek help from a lady named Lexha but when they discover Lexhas secret, it pushes her from them forced to betray them, turning lexha evil. Can Nina and Scarlet get their best friend and lexha back? Or will it be too late?


20. Scene Nineteen

*In the woods in the morning*

Nina- Maxine? Rodena? Where are you guys?

Scarlet- It’s no use. Where never gonna find them! There footprints have been covered by now, and that means they could be anywhere!

Nina- Scarlet! Keep up you hope!

Scarlet- What?

Nina- Don’t give up!!

*Scarlet sighs*

Nina- Look!

Scarlet- huh?

Nina- It’s a cave! 

Scarlet- no... that’s just a big pile of snow....

Nina- Ugh! Look. Do you see how there is some stone at the top of the snow?

Scarlet- Yeah...

Nina- Do you also see how it’s connected and rounded?

Scarlet- Ok... so it is a cave. Which means.....   

Nina- Maxine and Rodena must’ve taken shelter from the storm in here! And now they’re trapped!

Scarlet- So what do we do?

Nina- We gotta dig them out!

Scarlet- But that’ll take forever!

Nina- Well do you have any other ideas?

Scarlet- No....

Nina- Then it looks like we’re digging!


{Switch to Rodena and Maxine}

Rodena- *shivering* Burrr! It’s f-f-freezing!

Maxine- Suck it up buttercup!

Rodena- We gotta find a way out of the cave, not find a way under my skin.

Maxine- Yeah, Yeah. Whatever.

*Rodena scoffs* 

Maxine- What!?

Rodena- This whole time you’ve been treating me like I’m beneath you! Yes! I’m a kid alright? But I’m not hopeless!

Maxine- I never said you where.

Rodena- Yeah right. Can we just focus on finding a way out?

Maxine- Down this cave. Looks like something is giving off light.

Rodena- Okay.

*Rodena and Maxine run into the cave* 

Maxine- Ugh! We’re just back where we started!

Rodena- We’ve been going in circles!? 

Maxine- Hmm... *Maxine gasps*

Rodena- What? What’d you think of?

Maxine- Do you still have Lexha’s spell book?

Rodena- Oh yeah! I forgot I had that! If I could just conjure up a fire spell, I could melt away the snow!

Maxine- Looks like we’re getting out of here! Yes!

*Rodena opens the spell book*

Rodena- le feu soit convoqué!

*Fire melts part of the snow away*

*sunlight peeks in through the small gap in the ice wall*

*Ninas muffled voice is heard from past the wall*

Maxine- Scarlet! Nina! We’re in here!

Muffled Nina’s voice— Maxine? Scarlet! I can hear Maxine!

*Pounding is heard on the ice wall*

Rodena- It didn’t work! My magic...

Maxine- It doesn’t matter right now!

Muffled Scarlet- Rodena! Use your magic again!

Rodena- O-Okay... I’ll try!

Rodena- le feu soit convoqué!

*Fire melts part of the ice wall away*

Maxine- I can see them! I can see them!

Rodena- le feu soit convoqué!

*fire blast the ice wall and completely melts the wall away*

*Nina and Scarlet are pushed back by the fire*

Maxine- Nina! Scarlet!!

*Maxine runs to their sides*

Maxine- What did you do!?

Rodena- I-I’m sorry!

Maxine- Lemme guess, it was an accident!?

Rodena- *Sobbingly* I’m so sorry! I really am!

Maxine- *quietly* Leave....

Rodena- What?

Maxine- *Yelling* Leave!!!

*Rodena runs into the woods towards the camp crying*

Nina- Ugh... don’t...let her—leave....

Maxine- Nina!


End Scene

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