Held dear-Betrayal-#1

When Nina and Scarlet lose their best friend to the kingdom, they seek help from a lady named Lexha but when they discover Lexhas secret, it pushes her from them forced to betray them, turning lexha evil. Can Nina and Scarlet get their best friend and lexha back? Or will it be too late?


10. Scene Nine



*Nina yawns and sits up, stretching* 

Nina- Scarlet... wake up...

*Scarlet groans*

*Nina shakes Scarlet until she wakes up*

Nina- Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!

Scarlet- *Angrily* What!?

Nina- Lexhas gone! She's not here!

*Scarlet looks around the camp and sees its a mess*

Scarlet- I knew she was no good!

Nina- What are you talking about?

Scarlet- She's gone by choice! Ever since I went to get wood at our last little camp, I had made a small wood pile just beyond some nearby bushes!

Nina- you heard everything...

Scarlet- and saw everything. Even the things you didn't. I saw Lexha wielding magic behind her back. It was green magic. 

Nina- No! Don't even say that! Lexha isn't a dark witch! Maybe if we find her she can explain.

Scarlet- Face the facts Nina. She. Is. Evil.

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