Held dear-Betrayal-#1

When Nina and Scarlet lose their best friend to the kingdom, they seek help from a lady named Lexha but when they discover Lexhas secret, it pushes her from them forced to betray them, turning lexha evil. Can Nina and Scarlet get their best friend and lexha back? Or will it be too late?


31. Scene 30

(Scarlet and Travis)


Travis- So how do you- - how do we know if this Divine is still alive?

Scarlet- like I said..... we don’t.

Travis- Okay let’s just say she is alive. Will she even help us?

Scarlet- maybe. I’m not sure. 

Travis- What about - -

Scarlet- Look, I don’t have all the answers. So the only thing we know for sure right now is that we need to at least try


*Travis shuts his mouth*

*Scarlet turns around and continues walking*


Travis - *Ahem*  

Scarlet- *Sighs* What is it?

Travis- Ok. Last and final question. 

Scarlet-*sighs* Shoot.

 Travis- How are we getting to the Ruyi'el region?

Scarlet- Up in the Clammed Open Mountains was where we had our base when the five of us where still together, and in our base we had a... teleportation device. One that could send us to different locations quickly. 

Travis- So..... a portal?

Scarlet- (annoyed) Tch'. Yes, Travis. A portal.

Travis- Geez. No need to get feisty. 

*Scarlet groans*

Travis- What'd I say?

Scarlet- (irritated) Tell me your joking!

Travis-What? Am i in trouble, or am i just that humorous?

Scarlet- (shouting) Would you please take this seriously!? My Friends could be getting KILLED and we'd be here squabbling! So grow up and shut up!

Travis- Fine.

*Tree branch cracks* 

Travis-What was that?

*Scarlet Draws her sword*

Scarlet- (Defensively) Who's there?

*Ominous Laughing begins from within the trees*

Scarlet- (Defensively) I will NOT ask again! Show yourself!!

???- If you insist......

*??? walks out of the shadows and shows herself*

[Brown Hair, Red eyes, skinny, wears black slim armor thats flexible.]

<Scarlets reaction: Shocked>

Scarlet- (shuddering breath) No....

Travis- What is it? Whats wrong? 

Scarlet- (Breathless) Akarta?

Akarta- Heh.... Why so surprised? You of all people should have suspected this day.... After all, you are the one who cursed me.  

*Scarlet turns around and grabs Travis's wrist*

Scarlet- Run!

*Scarlet starts running, dragging Travis along behind her*

Travis- Scarlet! Tell me whats going on!! Who was that!!

Scarlet- (Distraught) We can worry about this later! But if she catches us, She'll KILL us!!

Travis- Running it is then!!

{With Nina, Lexha, and Rodena} 

Nina- What!? 

*Nina rises from her seat*

*Nina's chair falls over*

Lexha- Is something wrong?

Rodena- Its some girl with red eyes. |to Nina| Do you know her?

Nina- (Dramatically) Shes dead!!!!

*Lexha walks over to Rodena's side*

Lexha- Nina! Who IS she?

*Nina shudders in anger/ fear*

Nina- Akarta....


{With Travis & Scarlet}

[Running through the dark forest before dawn] 

Scarlet- (Panting) Keep going!!

Travis- Yeah! No kidding!

*Akarta smirks evilly and walks after Scarlet and Travis*

Akarta- (Quietly) Flizdeon.....

*Akarta teleports in front of Travis*

Travis- Crap!!!

Scarlet- (Fearful) Travis!!!!

*Akarta raises her sword above her head*

*Akarta swipes down, aiming for Travis*

*Travis pivots out of the way*

Scarlet- (Shouting) Oi!! Over here you Wench!!

*Akarta turns and throws her sword towards Scarlet*

Scarlet- Oh Dip!

*Scarlet dives off to the side, sliding close to the ground as she get out of the way of pain*

*Scarlet and Travis re-group by a stream* 

Travis- (Hushed) What are we going to do!? 

Scarlet- You think I know WHY??


Akarta- Oh Scarlet~~, Come on out now...~ 

*Scarlet flinches in her spot*


Travis- What? What's wrong? 


*Scarlet looks over at Travis*

Scarlet- I .... I have an idea. But i dont think you're going to like it.


*Akarta appears behind Travis and Scarlet*

Akarta- There you are~!


[End of Scene 30]

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