Held dear-Betrayal-#1

When Nina and Scarlet lose their best friend to the kingdom, they seek help from a lady named Lexha but when they discover Lexhas secret, it pushes her from them forced to betray them, turning lexha evil. Can Nina and Scarlet get their best friend and lexha back? Or will it be too late?


2. Maxine


Nina- There everywhere!

Scarlet- we can't fight them all off!

Maxine- We have to try!!

Guard 1- Surrender now or face the consequences!

Maxine- Never Surrender!

*Nina and Scarlet hold up their swords*

*A guard attacks Nina with his sword but misses*

*Nina stabs guard with her sword*

Scarlet- You'll never take all three of us!

Guard 2- But we don't want all three of you...

Guard 3- just her *points to Maxine*

Nina- What!? That doesn't make any sense!

Guard 1- Maxine has corrupted you two, forcing you to help her do her bidding, so all the crimes you three did actually only effect Maxine...

Guard 2- Hold those two down. 

*two guards hold down Nina and Scarlet*   

Nina- Let go of me this instant! 

Maxine- I'll go... I'll go if you bid my village peace and leave the people of my village be!

Scarlet- Maxine! No!

*Guard 1 nods*

*Maxine walks up to guard 1*

*Guard 1 handcuffs Maxine*

Maxine- Fight for me...


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