Midnight Pleasures

Lady Elena had been preparing for the day she'd come of age and have to find a suitable husband for as long as she can remember. She was well versed in how to acquire the attentions of me in order to achieve her task. She did not expect however to find herself attracted to a man a complete opposite to the husband she was looking for. Count Von Dragma, a man of high status in society and a scandalous reputation with women. Known for not only bedding the women he can't have but leaving them wanting more. To the point they'd do anything to have him all over again.

Can she tear herself away from such a handsomely dangerous man?. Will she fall under his spell like those before her?. Only time will tell. She is the author of her own fate.

Author's note

Mature Content

6. The Wedding

The union I dreaded was fast approaching oh Lord how I wished it wasn't so. Father has barely spoken a word to me since he arranged my engagement with my intended. He's been mostly confined to his study ever since only letting his most trusted servant, Nathaniel be in counsel with him. Mother has also had trouble getting anything out of him. I do wonder what's wrong he's been distant before yes as is his nature but never like this. If he's not in his study then he and Nathaniel are away on mysterious busy. I did try to get Nathaniel to spill the beans but to no avail and no I am sure father knows I am suspicious. Mother of course says to leave him be as that's best. I was hoping that the engagement would fall through that my intended might have second thoughts but that is not the case. Instead here I am once more here with mother harping on about wedding details and the like. I have no idea why she is telling me all this or getting me involved its not like I have a say in the matter. All final decisions are hers would be my father's too but he is showing little interest these days. But alas I can't complain I knew this day would come. Women in this day and age do not have a life. We are burdens to our families until such a time when we marry and start being useful in the sense of bearing children. Making a home for our families, dealing with house keeping duties that our husband's wouldn't dare to undertake as they are the bed winners and the men of the family. Their main two jobs are to provide and procreate. It is strange that the very gender that means they have their heirs to carry on their names are treated as less when they are worth far more. But as is the way the norm of our society. The only way can ensure not being treated badly is if I provide my husband with sons and plenty of them. As unfortunately having daughters will not serve me well. As one day I will have to go through all this with them. The prearranged match making choreographed by their father's. Matches that I will have to hope and pray will treat my babies well. If I provide sons I have to hope that they follow me and not their father's or the men of society that they treat their women with respect, kindness. Oh how I wish my child bearing days are a long way away but not so far that my husband will question if I am capable of having children. As that's another thing women in this day and age have to fear the dreaded event of infertility because that opens even more doors for mistresses to steal a husband forms under their noses. For their husband's to treat them even more horribly. No man can stand being saddled with a barren wife. Oh how I find myself praying that I am not cursed with infertility.

I became lost in my thoughts and did not notice my mother frantically trying to get my attention and calling my name. "Elena! Come on now child pay attention. You have two days left till your wedding you need to decide on a dress. A wedding dress and a reception dress hurry now". She was snapping her fingers in my face as though she hoped a miracle would happen and some how she'd produce magic. Eventually she caught my attention I apologized and proceeded to make my choice. For my wedding dress I chose what my mother  also the dress designer said was the dress of the season apparently. This year's most ideal fashion trend. For me though it was a dress made from pearl white satin, on the front the most eye grabbing sequins a person ever did see. They made me feel like a fairy-tale princess. My mother wanted a straight down figure hugging dress but as I do every chance I get I chose something different to show her that I am capable of choosing things myself. So my dress was puffy a proper princess style dress. If there was anything I was going to have a say on it was the dress no doubt about it. Naturally mother wasn't too impressed and complained to father the first chance she got as per usual. But instead of telling me to listen to my mother this time around he said absolutely nothing. My reception dress was simple, elegant and in the shade of light blue. Something else my mother didn't like, for her ladies should wear only feminine colours which meant pinks, reds, some blacks basically bright colours that one would associate being a feminine colour. I would be lying if I said I didn't take pleasure in seeing her be so flustered and out of control. Of course with my father not weighing in it was bound to not take her long to back down and to agree for me to keep my choices. At this point in time she was leaving my chambers, the dress designer following close behind and was sulking like a child who's just been told no. I couldn't care less to be honest as it's the least she could do for me. I mean everything else was all her. From my guests, right down to what silverware was being used. It was my wedding and the decision for the dresses should be mine. It was one thing that wasn't up for negotiating. I know she's my mother but this is something she'd just have deal with. Crazier things have happened than a daughter getting a say over such a small contribution to the wedding.

As the day drew nearer I was becoming more and more anxious. I didn't even know the man I was marrying. I didn't know his favourite colour, nor what was his favourite meal nothing about him at all. I mean what was I supposed to say to him on our wedding day " Hello thank you for choosing me to be your bride kind sir". I'd come across as insane maybe keeping quiet was best and wait for him to spark up conversation follow his lead. My brain was feeling rather distracted, I was feeling rather sick a lot lately and had no clue what it was. Mother kept eyeing me up and down like I was some sort of foreign object. Absolutely no idea what she was doing perhaps she'd tell me soon. After hanging up my dresses I unfortunately needed to run to the privy. The feeling of nausea was getting worse. I hoped that I wasn't coming down with anything as that would be just my luck wedding approaching and I get ill. I cleaned myself off and decided not to dwell on it after all I had more important things to think about. The rest of the day was filled with boring late minute wedding preparations I honestly don't know why my mother even bothered asking my opinion. After all she knew full well she didn't actually want it. Father was a no show at supper again tonight. Something was off I just knew it but I dare not ask him what was wrong I do not fancy his short temper tonight. So after finishing my food and bidding mother a good night I headed to my chambers where I welcomed my bed. I think anyone would find today a particularly long day too especially if they also had to deal with my mother. I swear that woman doesn't know when to be quiet. I am grateful of course for her help in planning my wedding but the way she was planning it one could swear it was a second one for herself. My bed felt like a warm embrace that I so very much needed. The servants had already been in while I was having supper and lit the fire for me so my room was ever so warm. Not suffocatingly hot no it was just right. Didn't take long before I was fast asleep. Once more my dreams were over run by replays of that night of raw passion I experienced with the infamous Count Von Dragma. It was so vivid as if it was happening all over again. Every tough, sensation and smell felt so real. 

Elena found herself lost in her dream world as she slept through the night and most of the next day. Her mother was not impressed when she had come down for what she thought was breakfast but was actually lunch. She sat down at the table just as her father finished his food and left to go to his study. It was plain obvious he was avoiding her now though she had no clue why. Once he was out of sight her mother came and sat next to her. She studied Elena before saying "What on earth is going on with you child? it isn't like you to sleep this late into the day. Your as pale as a ghost and your very quiet".  Her mother paused for a response but she wouldn't get one as Elena darted off to the privy.  Her mother followed her and hammered on the door demanding an explanation. When Elena emerged she simple said "Sorry mother I have an upset stomach I think I am coming down with something". Before returning to the table her mother following close behind. Her mother wasn't convinced something was up but she just couldn't put her finger on it. Finally Elena managed to eat her food before she followed her mother to go  over some more final plans for the wedding and her mother insisted that she practice her walk down the isle. She even roped Elena's father into practicing with Elena. He was not at all happy with it and once they were done he couldn't get away quick enough. Even Elena's mother thought something was seriously wrong with her husband after all she'd have expected him to be looking forward to walking his daughter down the isle and dancing with her. But it didn't seem like she wanted to do it all. Eventually she put it down to he must be feeling down because his little girl is all grown up and getting married. What else could it be? neither her or Elena could think of anything it could be instead. Elena hoped to confront him about it at supper but alas he wasn't there. Her mother said he left a message with the butler for him to let them know that he and his most trusted servant had been called away on urgent business. He was sorry but he wouldn't be back in time for supper and would see them both tomorrow on Elena's big day. When Elena had finished her food she said good night to her mother and retreated to her chambers fasting than lightening. She was dreading tomorrow and wondering if she'd ever get to sleep as her brain was too awake. But soon enough she went to sleep as she was exhausted. 

The day of the wedding came and well she felt horrific. A mix of nerves, nausea and exhaustion it wasn't a very good combination. That morning she found herself jokingly asking her mother if they could cancel. Her mother's face in response to that was positively fantastic.  It was worth a try she told herself she rushed back and forth to the privy trying not to be seen by her mother. Who of course saw but didn't make it obvious that she had.  Eating her breakfast was a struggle and her mother noticed though she tried to brush it off acting as if nothing was wrong. After some more trips to the privy it was show time and she was being ushered to her chambers to get ready. Her mother ended up doing and amazing job getting her to look half decent despite the fact she felt as though the exhaustion and the nausea might kill her. Once she was ready the entire bridal party made their way downstairs. They waited by the front door for her father while the carriage was being brought around. It wasn't like him to be late he was usually so punctual. Half and hour passed eventually he came downstairs suit at the ready. He took his daughter's hand and helped her into the carriage. Then he helped his wife into the carriage. Everyone else went in the carriage that came behind after Elena's carriage had left. After taking a detour they eventually got to the church. Fashionably late but still got there.  

Just outside the church her mother was fussing over her adjusting her veil everything. Elena prayed she would stop soon and thankfully she did. Moments before the doors opened Elena saw her father begin to cry in the corner of her eye she couldn't help but smile from under her veil. Before she could say something her bridal march began. This was it no going back now. Her stomach was in knots and she wanted to be sick. But there was no chance of her turning around and running to the privy because before she knew it her father had linked arms with her, and was already guiding her down the isle. She wanted to stop her legs from moving but her command for them to stop wasn't working. Under her veil she could see a silhouette of a man edging closer and closer to her as she grew closer to him. She wanted to scream, shout anything to stop this madness but literally no sound would leave her mouth. Then finally she had run out of isle and there she was at the end of the isle with her soon to be husband. Her stomach felt like the knots it was in could cause her to explode. Her own heart beat was now drowning out the sound of the priest beginning to talk. She had no idea what he was saying but when he gestured for her to turn to face the man beside her she did before she could even stop herself. She closed her eyes as the man began to lift her veil. Once the veil was up and over her head she thought for a moment if she just kept her eyes closed then maybe everyone would just leave no wedding problem sorted. But sadly no such luck she heard the priest tell her to open her eyes and before she could stop herself she did . What she saw next she couldn't believe her eyes and found herself barely saying "YOU!" before she passed out. Big strong arms of the man in front of her caught her stopping her from hitting the floor, Count Von Dragma.      

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