Midnight Pleasures

Lady Elena had been preparing for the day she'd come of age and have to find a suitable husband for as long as she can remember. She was well versed in how to acquire the attentions of me in order to achieve her task. She did not expect however to find herself attracted to a man a complete opposite to the husband she was looking for. Count Von Dragma, a man of high status in society and a scandalous reputation with women. Known for not only bedding the women he can't have but leaving them wanting more. To the point they'd do anything to have him all over again.

Can she tear herself away from such a handsomely dangerous man?. Will she fall under his spell like those before her?. Only time will tell. She is the author of her own fate.

Author's note

Mature Content

3. The Heart

It is strange to be back with my family after knowing what I know, feeling what I felt with him. Remembering each moment of pleasure we bestowed upon each other. But I needed to leave, needed to return to what my life was. As I would be a fool to think anything could come of our time together.He was handsome yes, excellent in bed yes, but nothing I knew of him allowed me to see him any other way than put simply a male slut. I was just another in a long line of women to please him in that manner. Surely I can never be anything more than that.I doubt he ever planned to return to me that following evening. I'd be a love sick fool to think otherwise. I wish I could stop feeling guilty about leaving that night. If he didn't return I rather doubt he'd feel any remorse about it. I needed to snap myself out of it. I needed to forget the entire time with him. But sadly that would be difficult to do as the man left such an impression on me. It was as if he'd implanted it into my brain and was extremely hard to erase.I'm positive my mother senses something different about me. Though she has not confronted me about it. What in hell's name was I thinking laying with a man who I have no hope of being with. From what I could tell he'd never promised the other women marriage. So what in gods name was I thinking. Was I that naive to think I'd be the only one out of huge line of women that he'd offer marriage to.Why would I be any different?. I nothing really to gain from an encounter with him. Only an immense amount of pleasure and every to loose just like those women. I live in a world that does not favor women. If we are not whoring our bodies to the next available man with heavy pockets. Then we are expected to be loyal, bare children and serve only our husbands. Our lord and master as some like to be called. Surely he must know of that or he simply does not care. Yes I could have refused, yes I could have stayed where I was that night. It was as much my fault as it was his. The fact remains I am no longer a virgin and who on earth was I going to keep my future husband from knowing that.How will I get around the fact that on my wedding night their won't be blood. The blood that comes when a woman is bedded for the first time. My future husband would want an explanation but how can I give him one?. I needed to come up with a solution at fast. If only I could concentrate on the task at hand.

Images from my time with him flood my mind. They take over my dreams and I am left unable to focus. Even as I stand across from yet another suitor my mother as thrown at me, the images won't leave. My mind drifts to the man who deflowered me and took my virtue.I recall how his soft, gentle hands explored my naked body. I still feel how truly magnificent his penis felt so rock solid moving in and out of my vagina. Pounding the very center of my womanhood. I feel the same sensation between my legs that night right now. The images allowing me to relive that marvelous time once more as if it was yesterday.I cross my legs slightly to hide the feeling I'm getting. I try my best to ignore how glorious and sensual this tingling feeling is between my legs. My legs inches away from turning to jelly and my eyes ready to roll back into my head. I bite my lip as I try to force back the moans and screams of pleasure that so badly want to to escape.My suitor can't not be allowed to witness this. If he did he'd know of the time I shared in the arms of another man. He'd know I'm not a virgin. Secrets on men's lips do not stay secrets for long. Thankfully the count did not know my name but if this suited did I would be ruined.

I argued with myself to snap out of it. Firmly told myself there were much bigger things at stake than just my need to be pleasured. I must act the part of a virgin. But how on earth do I do that. I must have done so practically effortlessly before as I don't even recall what passed as behaving like a virgin.Oh lord I can feel his eyes studying me. Is he looking for signs of weakness?. Or is he simply wondering why I am so quiet?. I must say something, anything. Compliment his outfit, something..... Now!.I was inches away from opening my mouth but a voice stopped me. It was not my own, it was my suitor's voice. "I'll do it. She seems although she's the perfect wife. I'll do it I'll marry the lady Elena" he said sounding far too enthusiastic. My head quickly turned to my mother standing behind me. Did keeping quiet really just land me a proposal?. He'd only just met me he can't be serious. My mother steps forward, my father swiftly moves in front of her stopping in front of my suitor. "Excellent Sir, would you follow me to my office and we'll go over the details" my father announced proudly. The suitor nods and before I even have chance to speak their gone. I stand there baffled as my mother moves beside me faster than I can blink. "Well done child he thinks your shy, well behaved or mute. When you and I both know that is far from the truth. Your never usually this quiet. Something isn't right."I opened my mouth to respond but before I could my suitor and father emerged from my father's office. The laughed and joked with each other before father bid him farewell. My father saw him to the door and then marched towards me as if he was going to strike me.

I straightened up held my breath and closed my eyes. I waited to feel and hear the thundering crash of his hand meeting my skin. But it did not come instead I felt myself be swooped up and swung around playfully before being put down again. I looked at my mother confused and she looked surprised too. My father never expressed emotion like this. If ever I did something right I usually got a nod, a quick smile or an awkward tap of the back. This was so unlike him I did not know how to respond. I straightened my dress slightly and when I looked back up at him, he had the biggest smile I had ever seen on his face. It was lovely to see yes but still was so strange not even my mother was used to seeing him this happy. "Her wedding is in a week. Prepare her, will you dear" he announced looked at my mother then back to me. "Good work Elena" he had a hint of excitement in his voice but was mostly over run with awkwardness. He kissed my mother's forehead, looked at me briefly with a slight smile before disappearing to his office. Mother and I looked at each other in shock before she whisked me off to her chambers.My ears were filled with her barking orders at servants and giving me huge amounts of information. Though most of what I was hearing was distorted. I was baffled, still in shock. My wedding was in a week....a week!. She paraded dresses in front of me and clapped in my face to gain my attention when wanting to me to make decisions.

Our home was buzzing with life. Servants rushing back and forth with decorations, tables, chairs, clothes for my mother, clothes for my father, clothes for my siblings, for me. I feel as though I am half asleep as I watch all this chaos unfold in front of my eyes. I see my father waving his arms about, shouting at servants to stop following him for measurements.I see mother acting like a general dishing out orders, pointing and getting annoyed. Somehow I finally make it to my chambers and close the door behind me cancelling out a big amount if the noise. I fall backwards onto my bed. My heart races once more as it did that night with the count. I'm... getting.....married. The realization sets in as I lay on my bed playing with my hair staring at my ceiling. I remembered the detail of the planning I had put into my wedding day since I was six with my mother. The excitement I had felt but I didn't feel any excitement right now. None at all.The heart is a funny thing. A vital organ that has so much responsibility. It's capable of giving much unmeasurable love and receiving it. For something so well hidden and some what protected it can be easily broken. Why am I feeling as though my heart is a glass mirror someone has taken a brick to. Smashing it into a million tiny pieces. No impossible it can't be.

But it's the only explanation. I am in love with a man I cannot have and engaged to marry....marry someone I don't even know the name of!. Lord have mercy on my soul.

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