Midnight Pleasures

Lady Elena had been preparing for the day she'd come of age and have to find a suitable husband for as long as she can remember. She was well versed in how to acquire the attentions of me in order to achieve her task. She did not expect however to find herself attracted to a man a complete opposite to the husband she was looking for. Count Von Dragma, a man of high status in society and a scandalous reputation with women. Known for not only bedding the women he can't have but leaving them wanting more. To the point they'd do anything to have him all over again.

Can she tear herself away from such a handsomely dangerous man?. Will she fall under his spell like those before her?. Only time will tell. She is the author of her own fate.

Author's note

Mature Content

5. The Fight

Determined to form a plan to have Lady Elena he marched into his chambers after arriving home. He paced the room his mind reeling from the millions of ideas for plans to win her racing around his head faster then the speed of light. There was no chance of him being able to sleep tonight. Whether he liked it or not. How could he sleep?. When the moment he closed his eyes for even a second there she was. This elegant yet wild raven haired beauty that had won his heart.He couldn't help but smile slightly with that seductive smile of his. Especially when the images of her that flooded his mind were so vivid you could almost swear she was in the room with him. Or that he actually had a portrait of her to gaze upon and find himself lost in her beauty. He just had to have her. There was something between them an invisible spark unseen by the naked eye.She felt it as did he. Not just in their night of pure raw exquisite passion but in every moment since. He found him liking this new side of himself slightly. The side able to love when no others have interested him in that way. But his bad boy side was stubborn and fought to bury his romantic side as soon as possible. He was at war with himself over a woman. But as most men in society would argue that's how it goes majority of the time. Somehow it always seems to come down to a woman.Something about their captivating personalities as well as beauty was their siren call. Drawing men in causing some playboy's of society to question their very existence. What was it about women that made them such ruthless seductresses. Many weren't even aware they had this ability, this power over men but they quickly learned how to master it. He was getting lost in his own mind. He needed a plan and he needed it fast. He needed to find her and get to know her. He needed to make her Countess Von Dragma.

In one swift moment he slammed his fist down on his bedside table and let out an almighty frustrated roar. Less than a few seconds later his butler came flying in all in a panic "My god sir! Are you alright?". The Count turned to face this short cowardly man quivering before him who'd been his loyal butler for many years. He nodded swiftly before saying "Mr Jacobs I am fine. But please get me Sanderson there is much I need to discuss with him".Mr Jacobs looked confused and took a moment to be able to say " But sir it is rather late he'll be asleep and well you know he doesn't l.....like to be disturbed. Are you sure you don't need a cup of tea instead perhaps?". Sanderson wasn't a man that many in this day and age liked to associate with. Many feared him, he was what some might call a detective, a private eye and also the Count's second cousin. Many feared him because he was hired to find people sometimes people who did not want to be found. He was exactly who the Count needed right now as he had absolutely no idea where to find Lady Elena. He needed to know everything there was to know about her. Was she married etc that sort of thing as her being married would pose an issue as he wanted her. Almost instantly the Count's face turned red with anger "Don't presume what I need Mr Jacobs. If I tell you I need Sanderson then you shall get me Sanderson understood?" He said in a deep roaring voice one he had not had to use in awhile. Mr Jacobs knew just how long he had not used that tone of voice for. Rather than anger his master anymore he quickly nodded and swiftly left the Count's presence. He returned roughly about half an hour or so later Sanderson not far behind him, his face booming looking as though he might explode with how angry he was. "What is the meaning of this cousin it is the middle of the night and you have this quivering leech rouse me from my slumber I hope there is a good reason for this" Sanderson bellowed as he swiftly crossed his arms over his chest his face still booming with anger. The Count turned to face him. He could not hide the despair on his face. His eyes looked as if he'd witnessed a lot of suffering within such a short timescale. "I need your help cousin" he finally managed to say as he looked at Sanderson who still had his arms folded across his chest and a look of thunder upon his face. "Oh you need my help do you? well what pray tell couldn't wait till morning" Sanderson snapped back his arms remained where they were and his face unchanged. "I've fallen in love and I need you to help me find the woman I wish to give my heart to" replied the Count his face remained sullen confirming his seriousness.

Sanderson lowered his arms and his face softened slightly. "Please tell me cousin that you are joking did you really wake me for a woman?" He replied trying to refrain from smirking. "Indeed I did. Will you help me?" The Count said almost begging at this point in time he feared he just might be willing to get down on his knees and kiss his cousin's feet if it meant his cousin would grant him the help he needed. Well it seemed he wouldn't have to do that as Sanderson agreed to help him. In order to find Lady Elena he would first need her name and everything that the Count knew about her which was very little. He told the Count as such that having so little information might make their investigation a little more difficult not impossible but not as easy as others. He then went on his way to speak to the contacts and informants he so greatly relied on for a lot of his detective work. The Count on the other hand was left to pace his chambers waiting anxiously for news. His cousin was one of the best in the business but even someone as great as he would need more than an hour to do his job. After many cups of tea, many trips of wearing down the floorboards and two days later Sanderson returned to his cousins home envelope in hand. When he was approaching the front door the servants were removing some items to be replaced. Rather than follow the normal formalities of informing Mr Jacobs of his arrival so that he could be announced to his cousin. He swiftly whizzed passed Mr Jacobs and the other servants into the house. He rarely stuck to formalities when he was working anyways. He stormed through the house with Mr Jacobs following behind him rambling on about how he should wait to be announced etc to his cousin's study. He stopped at the doors where he very nearly told Mr Jacobs what he should do with his formalities before he decided not to. Instead he took a breath and barged into his cousin's study. "Cousin you've returned what is it?" The Count responded almost startled by his cousin's entrance. Without speaking Sanderson marched across the room to his cousin who was standing behind his desk leaning slightly on his chair. In one swift movement he presented him with the envelope by placing it onto his desk and telling him to look inside.

Cautiously the Count picked up the envelope, opened it and began reading it. With each new word that his eyes scanned over a change in his face could be seen. Then in one swift movement the envelope and its contents were thrown across the room. Sanderson didn't flinch as it narrowly missed him by inches. Mr Jacobs on the other hand found himself having to duck as though his life depended on it. He squealed slightly as he did. After missing the item that was flung in his direction Mr Jacobs slowly rose and awkwardly adjusted his suit trying to project the impression that he wasn't affected by the incident. The Count put one hand to slightly cover his mouth before quickly removing it and quietly saying "She's getting married in a week?". He didn't want to answer but Sanderson nodded anyways. "Get me a meeting with her father immediately" he said firmly as he stared down his cousin showing signs of being very close to loosing his temper. "Cousin, Lady Elena's father is very aware of you reputation there is no way he'd agree to an audience with you" Sanderson replied trying not to sound as though he wanted to rub salt in the wound.Silence fell over this room then Mr Jacobs ran from the room slamming the door behind him. Sanderson gulped as he knew exactly what that meant. Within seconds his cousin had swiftly made his way from behind his desk to right beside him. "I cannot allow that wedding to go ahead do you understand?. Do whatever it takes to get me that meeting with her father!" Roared the Count as he slammed his hand down onto the desk. Sanderson nodded anxiously he'd seen his cousin angry before but never like this. He must really love this woman he said to himself as he swiftly left the study wondering how the hell he was going to accomplish such a task. From what he had found out about Lady Elena's father there was no way that getting him to meet with the infamous Count Von Dragma let alone get him to allow the Count to marry his daughter was going to be easy. He expected one hell of a fight on his hands.

Sanderson set about his business to earn an audience with the Count and Lady Elena's father. It took what seemed like forever but eventually Lord Julian came to Count Von Dragma's home to refuse his request to talk in person following many letters that had been sent. Never revealing why he wanted to talk but always stating that he did. The scene in the Count's study with Lord Julian refusing the offer of a chair could only be described as a gloomy one at best. The tension between the two males was unnerving. Sanderson could barely stand it what didn't help was the silence that followed the Count asking for Lord Julian's cooperation in ending the previous agreement for Lady Elena to marry another and for her to marry Count Von Dragma instead. The two clearly dominate males who were used to getting what they wanted were not backing down. The silence was accompanied by hard cold stares. Faces like thunder that suggested these two were oh so ready to come to blows with one another. Then as quickly as it came Lord Julian broke the silence with his deep harsh voice "Do you honestly expect me to break off my daughter's engagement to perfectly good man with an impeccable reputation for you? The man who doesn't even understand the sacredness of marriage. The man who takes what is not his. A man no father should let anywhere near their daughters. The only way that engagement is being broken off is if you have a suitable replacement who is not yourself". Having said his piece Lord Julian turned to leave but found his path blocked by Sanderson. He demanded that Sanderson let him pass when Sanderson refused he turned to find the Count behind him. "You will not be leaving my home until you agree to break off that engagement and for me to marry your daughter instead. I understand you are facing some debts which is why there is a rush to marry off your daughter. But not just to anyone by the size of your debts not just any man will do you need a wealthy man. Well your in luck I happen to be a very wealthy man and I will pay just about anything to marry the woman I love." Said the Count with that wicked and cunning smile of his.

Lord Julian shook his head before replying "Woman you love? You've never even met my daughter and I'm afraid you are misinformed I owe nothing to anyone. My answer is final good day sir". He turned to leave again and once more his path was blocked by Sanderson. "Well if you don't want to keep your misadventures private for your own sake then perhaps you will for your wife and daughter. I wonder what they would have to say about everything you owe and that you sir are practically selling your daughter as if she was a fair exchange for a camel in the middle east as there is not a penny available for her dowry. You don't even have enough to pay your staff at the end of the month. Now sir will you spare yourself the embarrassment of this information going public?".Lord Julian's face became pale and he turned once more to leave this time Sanderson didn't stop him he was told not to in one swift look from the Count. Sanderson watched in amazement as Lord Julian fled the house.

The fight that fuels my wild desire will soon lead me back to you. A fire burns in my soul which gives me what I need to fight for what is mine and for a future that is bright.

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