Midnight Pleasures

Lady Elena had been preparing for the day she'd come of age and have to find a suitable husband for as long as she can remember. She was well versed in how to acquire the attentions of me in order to achieve her task. She did not expect however to find herself attracted to a man a complete opposite to the husband she was looking for. Count Von Dragma, a man of high status in society and a scandalous reputation with women. Known for not only bedding the women he can't have but leaving them wanting more. To the point they'd do anything to have him all over again.

Can she tear herself away from such a handsomely dangerous man?. Will she fall under his spell like those before her?. Only time will tell. She is the author of her own fate.

Author's note

Mature Content

4. The Embers

It had been ages since that night when he made a fool of himself. The night he rushed back to his rooms penis standing to attention to find she was no longer there. Some part of him dared to hope that she was still there. A part of him he had come to hate.He needed to forget this pain that plagued him so. That plagued a man who many thought had a heart of stone or ice. Someone who did not care. He needed to be that man again. The man that others whispered about because he bedded many women.It was this reason that had led him to the house of Madame Mitchell. His first lover the woman who had made him a man. If anyone could get his mind off Lady Elena it was her. Under the cover of night he made it to her door. He had often wondered if she had the gifts of a seer. Because he could name rather a few occasions where it seemed as though she knew he was coming. This was one of those occasions.He hadn't even had chance to knock the door before it swung open. He felt his penis twitch as the gorgeous red haired woman stood before him in only her underwear. "Well if it isn't my very own Count paying me a visit this late at night. How can I help you this time?" she said as she looked him up and down. Undressing him with her mind.He bit his lip as he felt his penis rise and tried to poke through his trousers. Voices filled the streets and he knew he must get this fine beauty inside before anyone saw them. So he swooped her up without a word. Wrapping her legs around his waist. He quickly closed the door, locked it and carried her upstairs to her bed.

He laid her down and asked "Is he due home?" she shook her head as she undressed the both of them. Then once they both looked upon each other's naked bodies she pulled him on top of her. He leaned in to kiss her passionately as she guided his penis to her vagina.Once inside he trusted in deep and she threw her head backwards moaning with pleasure. He lifted her legs and pulled her closer to him as he installed a steady rhythm to riding her. She held her breasts playing with her nipples as the pace increased. Her moaning turned to screams of pleasure as the pace became so fast you could hear his skin thrashing against hers.She held onto the bed, as she had multiple orgasms screaming his name as each one came. He mumbled a name as his pace quickened again. Just before he was ready to climax he turned her around so he could take her vagina from behind. He started off slow and steady before taking her at a pace that was the fastest, hardest his body would allow.She gripped onto to bed tighter experiencing more orgasms as she knew he was close. He wrapped his left arm around her stomach holding it there as he lifted her up slightly keeping the pace. With his right hand he held her neck slightly.Her eyes rolled back into her head and juices gushed from her vagina as she screamed in pleasure. He let the juices fall out slightly before pushing his penis back inside fully. He tightened the hold on her neck slightly as he picked up the pace again. Moaning and grunting with her as she screamed in pleasure.

He held her as trusted deep inside her. "ELENAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" He yelled as his warm salty cum exploded from his penis into her vagina. He held her there until his entire load had filled her vagina. Afterwards he collapsed beside her staring up at the ceiling as his penis goes limp.She washes herself and then him before laying next to him still naked. She gently and slowly runs her index finger across his chest. "Sooo will you tell me about her my darling?" she asked. He sighed and rolled over so he would face away from her. "I don't want to talk about her I want to forget about her" he said trying to hide the pain in his voice.Madame Mitchell continues to quiz him about the mysterious name he called out while bedding her. Eventually he spills all the erotic details about his evening with the incredibly gorgeous and adventurous lady Elena. As she listens her eyes widen. Clearly this woman has a huge effect on him. Much like the one she used to have."She sounds as though she isn't just any woman my darling. It sounds as though you've fallen for her. Quite deeply I might add. Perhaps she's the one your meant to marry. Best snap her up before another man marries her and notices she's not a virgin." she advised as she begins to get dressed."I hear rumors she's to be wed in a week. She's all but lost to me I don't stand a chance" he announces with a hint of pain in his voice. He grabs Madame Mitchell's waist before she can get fully dressed and before she can notice how pained he sounded.

He slowly kisses her neck as he undresses her. She moans slightly and giggles allowing herself to be pulled backwards onto her bed. "Well my darling what you must do is clear. Have your way with me till you've had your fill. Then you need to fight for her. Don't allow her to fall into the arms of another. You haven't got a lot of time" she says between giggles. He continues kissing her neck his right hand holding her head as her left hand ventures to her vagina. He plays to play with it. First teasing her clit then putting one finger inside, then two. He moves his fingers in and out creating a good pace. She moans wildly as he does.He continues to finger her as he gently lays her on the bed. He kisses her from neck to vagina. His tongue teases her clit as he manages to get his full fist inside her vagina. He sets a pace as he continues to tease her clit with his tongue.Her moans turn to screams of pain and pleasure rolled into one. Her body shakes uncontrollably underneath him as she has multiple orgasms. Quite lengthy ones too. Her eyes roll back into her head as she screams wildly, gripping onto the bed for dear life.He penis twitches and rises as he watches her reactions and feels her shake underneath him. In on swift movement he removes his hand and thrusts his penis inside her. She let's out a huge yell of passion, pleasure and pain as he does. He holds on leg as he starts riding her.A couple of thrusts deep into her vagina has her thrashing about screaming wildly with pleasure. Having many lengthy orgasms. He picks her up and holds her waist. Too tired to hold herself up the top half of her just hangs there. Unable to move dangling over her bed. Her back slightly arched. He holds her slim waist in his manly hands as he thrusts into her deep and hard.

"ELENAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" He screams as he pumps hot salty cum into Madame Mitchell's vagina. She yells his name as she has a long final orgasm. He collapses on top of her as his penis continues to empty his load into her. She kisses him passionately before pushing him off her and cleaning them both up.He looks at her flabbergasted. "That's twice I've yelled out her name and not yours. Yet you don't seem bothered." he says as he watches her collect her clothes and gets dressed. "No it does not bother me. I was never yours and you were never mine. Something we've both understood. My darling you've provided me with immense pleasure and I've provided you with a vagina to bed where there is no judgement. Now get dressed" she says as she throws him his clothes. "You've got some fighting to do. You've got to win her heart and commit yourself to her. Don't look at me like that I mean it. Give up this life of bedding anything with a vagina that walks and settle down. She's captured your heart now capture hers" she says as she's ushering him out the door and he puts on his final items of clothing."Dearest Kate, wise as always how can I ever repay you" he says as he steals a kiss while almost out the door. She bites his lip slightly and kisses him back "Just promise me you'll love, cherish and bed her like my husband should be doing for me but you have had to do for me for many years. Don't cheat on her not even with me. Don't allow anyone to steal her away from you. Find the right balance between provider and doting husband. Oh and heavens sake give her a child" she says as she steals one last kiss and pushes him out the door, locking it once it's shut.

His penis twitched and his heart jumped slightly as he thought of her. Lady Elena with the raven black hair, skin pale but not too pale and eyes blue as the deep blue ocean. Madame Mitchell was right he had to fight for her. He can't allow another to take her from him.

The embers that ignite these fires that burn shall find their one true desire. As I venture into the fire to find one such as thee and you shall be the one to set me free.

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