When a young eight year old girls gains the ability to walk amongst dreams, she is in for competition with older night terrors...

This story and its idea originally belongs to the author Mistopia. All rights reserved. October 10, 2017.


3. Against the Night

"As Abigail got home from school, she opened her front door to her house and walked in to find no one was home. Usually Abigail would walk home from school, but when she got home her mother would most definitely be home already. 'Must be a late work day.' Abigail thought. She pulled her backpack off her shoulders and set it to the side, leaning it up against the wall. She shut the front door behind her and locked it. Walking into the kitchen, Abigail opened the fridge and scanned the food. "Ooh! Yogurt!" She said happily. She looked up on the freezer door were a note was attached to a magnet. "Be home late today, remember to warm up leftovers and take a shower!" Abigail sighed. For these days it felt like she never got to see her mom. 

As the hours passed,  Abigail had already eaten the leftover spaghetti in the fridge, taken a shower, and cleaned her room. Now it was time for her to go to sleep. Abigail was hesitant and nervous. Would it be the same thing it was last night? Was it real or fake? If it was real, could she have died last night? Well it was time to find out. 

Abigail turned all the lights off in the house and scrambled into her bed. She closed her eyes and found herself in her upside down room again. "Aww man! It was real?!" She climbed onto her desk and crawled through her ceiling door. Or floor door? She crawled through the door. 

The next place she found herself in was different from last night. It was all medieval. There was a huge castle just beyond a nearby river, huge mountains overhead the tall trees, and knights riding horses and wearing silver armor off into the trees, growing smaller with    every passing second. 

"Hello!" Said a boy approaching Abigail. But as the boy got closer, Abigail could see that the boy was squinting at her. "You again?" He asked. "Tom?" "Abi? What are you doing in my dream again?" Abigail shrugged. "Are you some sort of ghost haunting my dreams?" Tom asked. "I'm not a dead ghost! I'm not even a ghost! I'm alive! And a human!" Abigail said offended. "Sorry I asked." Tom mumbled. "Nice dream you got here." "Yeah it's pretty cool." Tom said as Abigail gasped. "What is it? Are you okay?" "I just had an amazing idea!" Abigail screamed. "Lets go to the horse stables!" "Yeah!" 

Abigail and Tom ran across the bridge that stretched across the wide river and dashed towards the stables where the horses were held. They opened the main door to the stables and walked in to see rows upon rows of horses. There was even a second floor! Each horse had a different pattern on their fur. One horse would have several white dots on its shoulders and another horse would have a diamond shape surrounding its eye. 

But a particular horse caught Abigail's eye. A white horse with small,  thin stripes.


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