Beneath the Birch Tree

When fourteen year old Ali moves to Colorado she soon discovers a little thing call love and loyalty, but will it last forever? Will she have competition? Will she be an outcast? Let's see...

This story and its idea originally belongs to the author Mistopia. All rights reserved. October 10, 2017.


1. Moving

"Tell me again, why your folks are moving you to a new school?" Asked my former best friend. "Because they want me to 'discover a new reality at a new school.'" "That’s lame." Tell me about it." I say. I grab my math book from my locker and then I shut it, scrambling the combination. 
    Even though she was my 'former' best friend, I knew I was going to miss her. So I build up the courage to ask, "Hey Mj?" "Yeah?" "What do you suppose it'll be like here once I'm gone?" She pauses. "Define gone." She says finally. "Meaning once Im gone from Dennys middle school. Because we are in eight grade, top of the school, and it’s almost summer. I guess what I'm trying to say is… are you going to forget me?" I ask turning to her as we walk down the halls to our next class, which we both have together.
    "What are you even saying? Do you here yourself! Ali, we've been best friends since second grade in elementary school! And now you’re asking if I'll even remember you? I thought we were closer than that." She says teasingly. I let a small laugh out, even though it was just to humor her and it wasn’t real. As we walked into our Math classroom, I saw the teacher, Mrs Graze, gazed at our arrival. "Look at all these tardy people…" Mrs. Graze said loudly, turning the entire classes attention on myself and Mj. I sighed and continued to my desk. I neatly put my stuff down on the top left corner of my desk and looked at the warmup on the board. I pulled out my pencil and opened up my math book to a new page. "Seven to the third power… minus twelve…" I whispered quietly. "Three hundred thirty one." I said again writing down the answer. "Psst! Ali!" Someone called from the desk behind me. I turned around only to see Cheyenne, one of the girls from the wrestling team–even though she was one of the managers, everyone thought she was really weird. But the silly weird, and everyone still liked her–and I could see she was wearing the wrestling managers jacket that looked like a raincoat. "What is it Cheyenne?" I ask. "Gotta pencil?" "Sorry. All my spare school supplies are packed up at home." "Why? She asks. "Because I'm moving…" I say quietly, trying not to attract Mrs. Grazes attention. "What!?" Cheyenne blurts out loudly. Too late. Mrs. Graze was getting up from her desk in the back of the room and making her way towards myself and Cheyenne. "Is there a problem?" She asks. Before I could even get out a word, Cheyenne had already blurted out, "So I was asking if I could borrow a pencil from Ali, but she responded with no and said all her spare school supplies where packed, and when I asked why she said she was moving!" Cheyenne gasped for air as the class began murmuring. Mrs. Grazes attention turned to me. "Is this true?" I nodded in response. "Well when are you leaving? There's only two more weeks of school." "Wednesday this week... my family's moving to Colorado and I'm gonna be going to Blossom High…" I pronounce. "Well I hope your happy wherever you go." Mrs. Graze smiles and then turned to the class and begins today's lesson.


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