Beneath the Birch Tree

When fourteen year old Ali moves to Colorado she soon discovers a little thing call love and loyalty, but will it last forever? Will she have competition? Will she be an outcast? Let's see...

This story and its idea originally belongs to the author Mistopia. All rights reserved. October 10, 2017.


2. Colorados trip

May 7th, Wednesday afternoon.

    Today Is the day I'm moving to Colorado. I guess I can't complain, yesterday people brought me all sorts of 'goodbye presents'. Couple stuffed animals, few cards, and some food and sweets. But all I could work up to say was a simple thank you. Yes I am shy, so that means people shouldn’t be putting me on the spot! Anyways… my parents have already packed the minivan with our boxes. And frankly, I never noticed how little stuff we have until I saw the amount of boxes there were. 
    "Ali! Time to go kid!" Kid. That was what my folks would always call me, even though I'm almost fourteen. Sad isn't it? "Coming!" I respond. I take one last look around my room, and then I walk out to the car. I see all the boxes in the very back of the minivan and automatically know this fifteen hour trip is going to be long and cramped. 
    But I just sigh and get in. I take my backpack off from over my shoulders and open it up, pulling out my three–d–s and a pack of games that go with it. I zipped up the bag and buckled my seatbelt. "On the road again." My mother says as she pulls out of the driveway. "Here we go again." My father adds. "Past the river, through the mountains." Both my folks start singing as I quietly say, "Tell me please, when do we get there again?" I sigh, as I pull my headphones over my ears and start to play my Poke-brawl game. 
    As the hours past, the red Chrysler Pacifica mini van grew closer and closer to its destination. Seven more hours. Six more hours. Five more hours. I pulled out my Poke-Brawl game and switched it out with my Cooking recipe game. My folks continued to sing road songs and I continued to tune them out. My thoughts varied from the Moon in our sky and Mar's sky, to thoughts a little more down to earth. Four more hours. I turned of my game system, and grabbed my backpack. Unzipping it, I put away my Ds and pulled out a sturdy board and a coloring book with some crayons. I flipped to a page with a blank picture of a castle and village houses. I carefully picked out a specific color from my crayon pack and began to color in the page. Three more hours, two more left. "Almost there kiddo." My father says. But I didn’t hear him, with my headphones still over my ears even while I colored. I glanced out the car window and saw a far field of wheat and corn crops. Must be the outreach of the town. So we're almost there. I thought. One hour left, ten minutes. 
    As the car pulled into the driveway of our new house, my folks turned around in their seats, both looking at me as I close the coloring book and put away the crayons and slip them into my backpack. I look at both my parents and give them a reassuring smile. I unbuckle myself and grab my backpack. I open the car door and look at the house. 
    It was a one story house with blue grey painted walls. Having white windows and a dark blue door, I thought about what was going on in my folks heads when they bought the place. But I wasn’t grinning for their sakes. My mother handed me the keys to the house as I pulled my backpack over my shoulders. I walked up to the front door and unlocked the door. I grabbed the doorknob and tried pushing open the door. It was stuck. I pushed harder this time, and as it opened I almost fell down from the push. I regained my balance and looked inside the house. I noticed their was an unhealthy amount of dust lying around.
I walked back to my mother and father, who were already trying to unload the car, and handed back the keys to the house. I looked across the street and saw a park. I thought I was too old for parks. My age made me think I would look silly going down a slide. "Hey is it ok if I go to the park?" I ask, trying to get out of unpacking. "That’s fine sweets, just be home before sundown." My mother says, as I cautiously run across the street. 
    When i reached the park, I sat on an empty swing. The park was empty other than one dad and two small children playing on the jungle gym. I bet no one around here's my age. I say to myself. "Well I hope that isn't the case." I hear someone say behind me. I turn my head and see a boy who seems to be near my age. He has black, spiked up hair, and he wears a grey shirt and blue jeans. "How loud did I say that?" I ask. "Pretty loud." "Oops." I say. He reaches out his arm and offers it to me. I cautiously take It and we shake hands. "My names Tike." "Pleased to meet you. My names Ali." We both smile. "I don’t think I've seen you here before, did you just move or something?" "Actually yes, me and my folks just moved here from Texas." "Neat. So uh, do you maybe… wanna hang out?" Time asks me. "Sure!" "Great I know an awesome arcade nearby." "Oh but I don’t have any money.." "Its ok I'll cover you." Tike says happily. "Really?" "Yeah." "Gee thanks!" Tike grabs my arm and pulls me towards an alleyway, leading me towards an arcade.

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