The Dark

When three best friends go missing, an security camera reveals all.... was it a down to earth disappearance or is something else going on?

This story and its idea originally belongs to the author Mistopia. All rights reserved. October 10, 2017.


1. The Party

Once upon a time,

There were three best friends. The first, was a girl with dark brown hair, blue eyes, and a burning passion for art. Her name was Ember. The second girl had blonde hair, brown eyes, and a elevating desire for music. Her name was Bonnie. And lastly the third girl had long black hair, black eyes, and a dark humor. Her name was Dana.

One night the three girls were having a slumber party when a loud crash came from the kitchen. 


“What was that?” Asked Ember.


“Probably the mice.” Dana responded.


“You should go check it out.” Suggested Bonnie.


The lights began to flicker.


“Cut it out Dana!” Bonnie shouted.


“Wait, you think I’m doing this?”


“Duh! Your house, your party, your trick!”


“But I’m sitting right next to you!”


Another crash came from the kitchen.


“Stop it Dana!” Ember said.


“It’s. Not. Me!” Dana repeated as the lights went out. 


The three girls turned on their phones' flashlights. They shined them around the room.


“Great. Just great.” Dana said. 


“Whispers.” Ember said out of the blue.


“Huh?” Bonnie and Dana asked.


“I hear whispers.”


“I can hear them too.” Dana added.






“Please tell me your pulling one of your jokes again.”


“Mine is planned for Tuesday.”


“Is it Tuesday?” Bonnie asked.


“It’s Friday…” Dana said.


“Isn’t it Friday the,” Ember gulped. “The thirteenth?”


“Now I’m scared.” 

The three girls sat back to back in the darkened bedroom as the whispering continued. Dana shined her light at her bedroom door. It was open.


“I’m gonna shut the door,” she said.


“No! Don’t!” Bonnie exclaimed.


“Bonnie’s right. That has bad news written all over it.” Ember said.


“Well I’m not exactly excited about doing it either but I’m still gonna do it.” Dana slipped out of her bed and tiptoed to her door.


Before closing it, she stopped and listened. She could hear breathing. Heavy breathing and the flow of a new threat. Her heartbeat quickened erratically. Her pulse was racing faster and faster as she heard someone dragging their feet across the hallway floor. It came closer and closer to her bedroom. She quickly shut her door and locked it. She hopped back onto her bed and sat next to Bonnie and Ember.


The sound of someone scratching their long nails across the door had silenced the girls. The scratching went on and on in a mesmerizing loop until it stopped. All was silent. Another voice sung in the hall. It started out as a distant sound, barely able to make out, but it grew louder and louder. The words, “Come and play on this special day,” repeated over and over again. Louder and louder; closer and closer. Until it was right outside the door. For a moment it was quiet again. But only for a moment. Suddenly loud banging and crashes were at the bedroom door.


“Let us in!” Screeched the voices.


The girls cried as they held onto each other. Crying, praying, pleading that the evil would leave. They cried and cried and cried. The doorknob began shaking restlessly. A loud woman’s scream had burst the lights off from their phones, which left them in total darkness.


Then the pounding stopped, and something even more horrifying began.

A child's laugh grew louder than the whispers. The golden doorknob unlocked itself in rapid motion, as the door creaked open. Fear filled the room as an ominous red light; red as the color of blood, filled the hallway outside the room. A child’s voice began to sing an eerie child’s lullaby. 

A deep man's voice entered the room, “Ember… Bonnie… Da-na…” the voice called.


“Something’s got me!!” Bonnie screeched.


“Me too!!”


“It’s pulling me!” Dana grabbed Embers arm and yelled “Its pulling my foot!!”


Evil laughs enveloped in the air as the girls screamed. A deep howling scream echoed as a void to another place poked a hole in the carpet on the floor. The demon dragged them into the void and the girls vanished. 


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