The Dark

When three best friends go missing, an security camera reveals all.... was it a down to earth disappearance or is something else going on?

This story and its idea originally belongs to the author Mistopia. All rights reserved. October 10, 2017.


2. Dead end



As the car broke down near Yolghur cliff, a young pair of teens got out of the hopeless car. The first, a boy with green glasses, a nerdy shirt, and blue slacks. His name was Sheldon. The second. a young girl- age seventeen- who wore a blue tank top, a dark blue skirt, and white leggings. Her name was Miranda.


The loud crickets chirped in an harmonic tune. Miranda looked around and saw nothing but empty woods, lacking in light.


“We just had to break down in the middle of the flicking woods!” Miranda shouted.


“I’m upset too! But we have to find something or somewhere to stay until morning.”


Miranda looked down at the floor and said calmly, “Sheldon… do you not realize,” she said as she raised her voice, “that we are in the middle of nowhere!!” She threw her hands in the air angrily.


“Well then, what do you suggest we do!? Wait until a car passes?”


“Well it’s better than wandering aimlessly around abandoning the car!” 

A loud gunshot filled the air, sending the crickets silent in the night. A red flare flew into the sky a few miles into the woods.




“What?” “Do you realize what that flare means?” Sheldon asked.

Miranda sighed, “What does it mean?”


Sheldon looked into her eyes hopefully and said “People are nearby.” 

He opened up the car trunk and grabbed a bag of camping equipment from their previous trip. Sheldon unzipped the bag and dug through it looking for flashlights.


“Aha!” he said cheerfully. 


He yanked two flashlights from the bag and zipped it back up. He tossed a flashlight to Miranda.


“What are you doing?” Miranda asked.


“We are going into the woods towards the flare.” Miranda scoffed.


“Did you even hear the gunshots!? For all we know the people over there could be crazy!!”


“It’s a risk I’m willing to take. Maybe they aren’t crazy and they’ll help us fix our car.”


“Optimist.” Miranda said negatively.    


Sheldon closed the car trunk and locked the car with his keys, still holding onto the flashlight and the camping bag. “Lets go.” Sheldon said positively. Miranda dawdled along after Sheldon into the woods.


Fifteen minutes passed as the two friends hiked through the woods.


“I think I see something up ahead!” Sheldon whispered.


“Sheldon…" Miranda said with a crack in her voice.


"Come on Miranda."


"Sheldon…" Miranda pulled on Sheldon’s shirt softly.


"What Miranda!?" Sheldon turned around and saw a woman in a pool of fresh blood lying dead on the ground.


"Oh my god…" 

Little did Miranda and Sheldon know, they were not alone. About three days ago, a psycho had escaped from an asylum thirteen miles from the Boudeling woods where Miranda and Sheldon’s car had broken down. The psycho, who's name was Michal Bronx, had been locked up for brutally stabbing his wife and two children to death. He had stabbed them each twenty eight times.


Michal prowled close by as Miranda and Sheldon checked the woman's pulse.


"She's gone." Miranda said.


"I think you were right about whoever shot that gun being crazy." Sheldon admitted.


"What was that!?" Miranda shouted.


"What was what?"


"I heard something! I think we're being followed Sheldon...." Miranda said nervously.


"Then we should get to the lights. Maybe there will be a house or ammo there."


"Let's go."


As Miranda and Sheldon got closer to the light, illuminating the woods, they saw more and more dead bodies, and the occasional child's body.


"Whoever did this is sick." Miranda cried.


"Am I?" A voice said from behind them.


"Run!" They both yelled as the psycho threw his axe, landing into Sheldons back.


"Sheldon!" Miranda screamed.


She fell to her knees at Sheldon's side, but it was to late, he was already gone.


"I'm sorry..." she cried as she rose to her feet and took off and ran.


For a moment she had lost the killer. Miranda scrambled up a tree and prayed for her life.


"Where are you little doll..." the killer began to whistle an eerie tune.


As the psycho walked past, Miranda waited a few minutes until she climbed back down from the tree and bolted for the street, car, anywhere but there.


When she came across the black pavement of the road she laughed. She ran along side it and ran and ran until a knife flew past her.


"Help!" She screamed. "Someone help me!!"


Bright lights shawn as they approached. A car! Miranda waved her arms, making her an easy target. But she didn't care, she just wanted it to be over. The car stopped as Miranda, without hesitation, climbed in and yelled,


"Drive!!" The driver stepped on the gas as they passed the psycho. Miranda bursted into tears as the driver demanded an explanation . 


And so goes the legend of Yolghur cliff....


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