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"You're in a relationship with my best friend, Harry. My best friend is your girlfriend. We really should not be doing this."

"This is so wrong...- but at the same time...-"

"Nothing's ever felt so right."



Harry Styles Alternate Universe


7. Tastes so sweet.


Songs for this chapter:
- Why Don't We Go There? | One Direction
- Gorgeous | Taylor Swift
-  Uncover | Zara Larsson
-  Powe Over Me | Dermot Kennedy



"So, what've you been moaning about the past two weeks?" Grayson asks as he stuffs his mouth with chicken. I cringe and shake my head at him. 

"Nothing special," I shrug and take a bite of my own sandwich. I catch a glimpse of Lauren staring at me as I say this, but I do my best to not think about it. I know she doesn't agree with what I'm doing, but surely she would do the same? 

After what happened three nights ago with Harry and me, I've been caught up in my fantasies about him, feeling like I was floating on a pink cloud. But every time I do so, I remember the fact that he's in a relationship with Elizabeth, and I come crashing down from Cloud 9. 

"Well, that's a load," Gray mumbles and rolls his eyes at me. I put my sandwich down, suddenly not feeling very hungry anymore. I haven't told Lauren about my sexual encounter with Harry. How could I? I'd never hear the end of it. 

I sigh and push my food away, looking out the window from our office building. It's a rainy day in London and the grey clouds seem to be covering the entirety of the sky. I can't help but dream myself away to a tropical land, with the suns rays shining down on my body that's only dressed in a bikini. A fancy drink with umbrellas and colourful straws in are resting in my hand, the ice-cubes clinking against the glass. And I can't help but dream of Harry accompanying me. He would be ushering me out of the lounger and waving his hand towards the turquoise ocean. 

It's a beautiful dream, and it probably would've gotten even better, if it wasn't for Grayson snapping his fingers right in front of my face. "Jesus, it's like I don't even exist," I hear him mutter before I snap out of my day-dreaming and send him a glare. 

"What?" I snap and furrow my eyebrows at him. I can tell he's trying to suppress a giggle with the weird twisting of his lips. 

"Wow, you really are a ball of sunshine today, huh?" He smiles and locks eyes with Lauren who's looking innocently back at him like she's got no clue in the fucking world of what's going on. 

"God, Matthews, you're so daft sometimes," Karen, a woman who works in marketing, who sits at a table behind us buts in and looks at me with mischief in her eyes. "It's like you can't even tell when a woman is heartbreakingly in love," she winks and turns back around. 

Grayson's mouth falls open and Laurens pupils dilate. I almost lunge forward to tell Karen and her stupid red hair that she's got no clue what's she talking about. But she is kind of right, though. I mean, I won't go as far as saying that I'm in love with Harry. But damn am I infatuated with him and his beautiful, mesmerizing eyes. 

Grayson looks at me with a surprised smirk on his face. "No, Grayson. I am not in love!" I say waving a daring finger at him. 

He laughs and wiggles his eyebrows, to which I roll my eyes. "Oh, I mean, it all makes sense now. Who is it? No wait, let me guess," he excitedly says and scoots his chair right in front of mine, puts his elbows to his knees and interlocks his fingers. "Is it our boss, that you know you can never be with? No that's silly... is it a guy you met at a café, but whose name and number you forgot to get?"

I stare him dead in the eyes and raise one eyebrow, daring him to continue with his guesses. He seems to get the hint when he backs down and raises his hands up in surrender, and then go into a lengthy discussion with Lauren about who's the better Spider-Man. 

I zone out and take the dream-train to the town Styles-Chapel. Where all the grass on the ground are as green and bright as his eyes. Where the branches on the trees are the same brown, lush colour as his hair. Where the clouds in the sky make your insides swell with happiness like his dimpled smile does when he looks at you. 

I shake my head to get rid of the thoughts, then I excuse myself and leave the table, throwing the rest of my sandwich out in the bin. I sigh and run a hand over my face as I walk down the empty corridor to the ladies room. 

I push the door open and images of Harry standing over the sink at the restaurant, with drops of water dripping from his face and his eyes closed, his jaw tense and his hands strained. The night he confessed to not being able to stop thinking about me. 

It seems so long ago that happened when in reality it's only been about a week. I step into a stall and just sit there on the toilet, thinking. Processing. Digesting. Procrastinating. 

How did everything become so bloody fucked up?

Oh, right. I started an affair with my best friend's boyfriend, and now I can't stop bloody thinking about him. Without thinking further, I pull out my phone and type in a text and send it to the one person that I want to talk to right now. 

From: Veronica: Hey you.

A minute later, my phone beeps again, and I feel like a giddy teenage girl. 

From: Harry: Hello, darling

From: Harry: What's up?

I sigh and think about what I'm going to text back. I really want to ask him to come over tonight, but then again, I'd feel terrible. Texting "not much" is also just lazy. 

From: Veronica: Just wanted to say hi and ask what you're doing

From: Veronica: So, what are you doing? hahah

When a couple of minutes has passed without him answering me, I shake my head and curse myself out for being so stupid. He's probably realised how cruel and reckless we've both been, lying and cheating behind Elizabeth's back. 

But then a message pings on my phone and my heart swells. 

From: Harry: I was thinking... 

From Harry: Could I come over tonight? 








Hey guys. So sorry for the wait. Writer's block and school has corrupted me lol. Hope you will continue reading this, because it means so much to me that you do. 

Love ya



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