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"You're in a relationship with my best friend, Harry. My best friend is your girlfriend. We really should not be doing this."

"This is so wrong...- but at the same time...-"

"Nothing's ever felt so right."



Harry Styles Alternate Universe


1. Prologue.




Songs for this chapter:

- C'mon C'mon | One Direction
- Is There Somewhere | Halsey
- Night Changes | One Direction
- Someone In The Crowd | La La Land 






The music is loud. Too loud for my normal liking, but today? Today I welcome the noise and the way the bass vibrates every cell in my body. Today I welcome the burning liquids that I swallow with every shot glass that's placed in front of me. Today I welcome the insensitivity and numbness, that comes with having your veins filled with the poison. 

I raise one hand high in the air and run my other hand through my hair, as I swing my hips from side to side to the music. My friend Lauren, who I came with, is standing a few feet away with a guy behind her. He's got his hands on her hips and she's rubbing her arse shamelessly against the guys' crotch. I laugh to myself and make a turn as the song stops. 

My breathing is heavy and my skin shining with small droplets of sweat. It's New Years and you can hear the distant bangs of fireworks blowing up outside the club. Lauren had persuaded me into going with her to this club in central London, and though I was hesitant, I'd honestly rather be spending this spectacular night in a room that smells like alcohol and sweat, than being home with my parents and little bugger of a little brother. 

I fan my face with my hand as I make my way towards the bar, to get something to drink to cool myself down a bit. I sit down on one of the stools and the bartender immediately comes over to me and I order the first thing that pops into my mind, but before the bartender have even started on it, a strangers voice interrupts him and I snap my head towards the person. 

"Make that two, yea?" It's a man with shaggy brown hair and a sinister smirk on his lips, that just signals 'I have nothing but ulterior motives', and it's giving me the chills. His brown eyes are bloodshot and droopy, and it's clear that he's the definition of plastered. 

The bartender nods and disappears to make the drink, which leaves me and the guy alone, with Lauren on the dance floor and probably sucking the face off of that poor lad, and everyone else in the club not giving a damn about a boy and girl at a bar. 

"You were looking a bit lonely there, so I thought I'd come keep you company." He says, in a tone I suspect is supposed to be seductive, but really just makes me want to vomit and cry at the same time. He runs a hand over the small stubble on his jaw, and his eyes seem to darken. 

"Thank you, but I'm quite content by myself," I say in a dismissive tone, but he clearly ignores it, as he moves closer to me; his warm, alcohol-smelling breath running down my cheek. I cringe and gently push his shoulder away from me, and he laughs at my feeble attempt to get him to sod off. 

"Oh don't be like that, puppet. I'm sure you and I can have some fun together?" He draws and runs his index finger down my bare arm, but I swat his hand away and run a hand through my hair. It's typical that the one drunk, pervert finds me in the midst of all these people, filled with girls who's more than willing to shag him. 

But it's always me. I don't know if I send out some kind of signal to all the idiots in London, that tells them that a girl in the beginning of her twenties is more than up for it. Which I'm not. "Please, just leave me alone," I say through gritted teeth and roll my eyes. 

"Why should I? You have a boyfriend or something?" He grins and moves a hand down my back and I'm immediately on my feet. He looks perplexed at first, but then he just smirks and stands up in front of me. This guy clearly can't take a fucking hint. 

An idea immediately pops up and I cross my arms in front of my chest, before opening my mouth to tell him the one thing that, hopefully, will keep him away. "Actually, I do have a boyfriend, and I'm sure he wouldn't appreciate you groping his girlfriend."

The man chuckles and shakes his head. "You don't have a boyfriend." He calls me out on my lie, and I feel my breath hitch in my throat. How on Earth am I going to get out of this then? 

I keep opening and closing my mouth, whilst the man keeps taking steps towards me, and when I close my eyes when I feel a hand on my lower back. I whimper and open my eyes to tell the man to keep his hands off of me one last time, though not actually expecting that he will. 

But when I open my eyes, I don't see the creep right in front of me, but a few steps back and with wide, nervous eyes. Both his hands are by his side. Wait, if it's not his hand, then...- I turn my head and look up to see who's got his hand on me, but it feels like all air has been knocked out of my lungs when I look up at the man.

He's got brown, slightly curly hair, and his green eyes are shining in the fluorescent lighting in the club. He's looking down at me with a wide smile painted across his ruby red lips, and two dimples are carved deep into his cheek. 

"There you are, babe. I lost you on the dance-floor." He leans down and his cold lips press against my cheek. He's beyond sexy in his tight, black ripped jeans and a light-blue shirt, which is buttoned down to the middle of his tones chest. You can barely see what it is, but he's got a tattoo on his upper chest, and you can just see the top of a second one, just below his chest. 

"Who- who are you?" The creepy man finally speaks up and frowns at the arm that the green-eyed man has slung around my shoulder. I find myself looking at the new man with the same question roaming around in my head. 

"Her boyfriend. And you are?" He finally answers and I feel my heart halting a bit when the words leave his mouth. His voice is low and husky, you almost can't hear it over the loud music, but right now, I can't hear anything but that voice. That voice that sends chills down my spine, in the best way possible. 

"I uh, I'm just...-" the creep stumbles over his words, but before he can say anything coherent, the sex God interrupts him.

"Actually, I'd really appreciate it if you would leave my girl alone." The arm he's got around me tightens and I smirk and the pervert who's gulping and nodding his head, and then turns around and disappears into the crowd of dancing people. 

I let out a shaky breath that I didn't know I had been holding in, and lean my head against the stranger's shoulder without thinking further about my actions. He laughs lowly and rubs a comforting hand up and down my arm. "Thank you so much." I breathe and look up at him. 

His green eyes are looking straight into mine and my I can practically hear the flutter of the butterflies in my stomach. "No problem. I had been watching you and when he came over, I sensed something was wrong. It was just when I heard you say you had a boyfriend and him denying it, that I decided to jump in." 

I smile at him and unlatch his arm from me, and step in front of him. I extend my hand for him and at first he looks confused, but eventually, takes my hand. It's like electricity runs through me when his skin touches mine and taken his expression of curiosity, I can tell he felt it too. "I'm Veronica, but you can call me Ronnie."

"Harry. It's a pleasure to meet you, Ronnie." He sends me an award-winning smile, his dimples carved deep into his cheek. 

"It's a pleasure to meet you, too, Harry." I grin back at him, and then suddenly remember the drink I ordered, and the drink the creep ordered. I look back and sure enough, there are two mojitos' waiting for me and my date. "You fancy a drink?" I laugh and gesture to the drinks. 

Harry laughs and nods. We both slide into our separate stools and clinks our drinks against the others. The drink cools me down immediately and I lick the rest of the drink off my lips when I pull the glass away from my mouth. 

"So, what made you spend your night here?" Harry breaks the silence and cocks a curious, almost daring, eyebrow at me, as the corners of his lips curls up into a small smile, but all I can think about is; how the bloody hell can someone look that good?

Instead of saying that, though, I smile and wipe some of my brown hair away from my face, and open my mouth to speak. "I could ask you the same thing?"

He throws his head back and laughs, honestly the the sound is like music to my ears. After he's calmed down a bit, he shakes his head and licks his lips. "Well, my girlfriend is at her parents' house, and I'm positive they don't like me. So when my mate, Ed, asked if I wanted to join him here, I didn't see a reason not to." 

The smile on my lips is immediately wiped away when he mentions his girlfriend, but I quickly recover and fake a smile at him. Of course, a guy like him has a girlfriend, how stupid of me to think otherwise. Or actually thinking that he could be interested in me. Me? C'mon Ronnie, get realistic. 

"Your turn. Why are you here?" He breaks me out of my thoughts and smiles widely at me, making me forget everything that was on my mind before. 

"Uh, well my best friend, whom I usually spend New Years' with, is at her parents' and I didn't really fancy that, or visiting my own parents, so my friend Lauren convinced me to come here." He nods and takes a sip of the drink when I finish explaining. 

"Aren't your girlfriend sad you're not spending the night with her?" I ask and swirl the straw in my mojito around in the liquid, whilst looking down at the mint leaves and limes twirling around. 

"I mean, yea she was a bit gutted, but she knows how I feel about her parents, so she didn't really push it. Besides, I hadn't seen Ed in forever, so she knew I'd feel bad if I turned him down." He smiles a sad smile and me, but his body seems to move closer to mine. 

"She sounds lovely, being that understanding," I whisper, but I'm sure he can hear. Without noticing, I've moved closer to him and him to me. I can't explain it, but it's like there's a magnet between us; pulling us closer. 

I once swore to myself, that I would never be the person to be with a guy, who's in a relationship, but that promise seems to disappear from my mind, as I look into Harry's dark, green eyes. he slowly licks his lips and I feel his hand just above my knee. 

"She really is. Beautiful, as well." He breathes and I can feel his warm breath on my lip, and my breath hitches in my throat. I can almost feel his lips on mine, but they never actually touch.

"But you're here, so she doesn't have someone to kiss at midnight," I say and fight the urge to smile. He smiles softly and his eyes bore into mine. 

"Yea well, neither do I," and with that, he pulls away and runs a hand through his brown locks. I almost fall forward, but quickly regain myself. He's removed the hand that was resting on my knee and smiles a guilty smile at me. 

Despite the fact that I'm disappointed, I'm actually more relieved that we didn't kiss. He's got a girlfriend, and though I don't know her, I would feel really bad knowing that I had kissed someone who's got a girlfriend. I know that if I were her, I'd be absolutely gutted. 

"It was nice meeting you, Veronica. Have a great night." He sighs and pushes himself off the chair. He's biting down on his lower lip as his eyes swiftly darts down to my lips, but then back to my eyes.

I've barely muttered a "you too" before he's gone as fast as he got here. I sigh and down the last of my drink before looking after Lauren, who I find still grinding her arse against the poor man behind her, not that he seems to mind her movements.

I roll my eyes, but leave the bar and soon find myself lost in the beat of the song; moving my body to the bass and not giving a damn about anybody else, but myself. The dress clings to my body as I slowly run my hand down my curves. When my eyes accidentally meet those green ones from across the room, I grin and bite my lips; silently but surely showing him what he's missing. 

It looks like he chuckles and quickly looks away, but I don't look away until after I notice him laying a discreet hand on his crotch. I grin in triumph and turn on the spot before keep dancing to my own beat. 

Before I know it, Lauren is standing in front of me and is looking intensely at the clock, which everybody else in the club is doing, too. I laugh at her drunken slurs fill my ears, as she counts down from thirty. Some people are sending her weird looks, but others are joining in. 



People are cheering on and waving their hands in the air.



Everybody is getting restless and jumping up and down.



I laugh with Lauren as she grabs my hand and counts.



Someone grabs my shoulder and turns me around, and I'm met with forest green eyes boring into mine with a smirk on his lips. 



He crashes his lips onto mine and I let go of Lauren's hand. 

His hands are holding my cheeks and his chest is flush up against mine. He breathes heavily as his tongue enters my mouth, and I feel my body heat completely up. He steps closer and deepens the kiss; running his hand through my hair and tugging slightly at the ends, and I place my hands behind his neck to pull him closer to me. 

When we pull apart, after what feels like an hour, he smiles wickedly down at me but keeps his hands on my waist. I laugh and wipe some hair away from his forehead. "I thought you said you didn't have someone to kiss at midnight?" I tease and wink at him. 

He grins and swiftly pecks my lips. "Plans change." 

"No seriously, what made you want to plant one on me?" I smile, but my tone is serious. I really am curious to know what made this gorgeous man cheat on his girlfriend with me. 

His eyes suddenly darken, he pulls me closer to him and bends his head down to my ear, and I can feel his cool breath fan across the shell of my ear. "Do you even realise how much you were turning me on? Dancing by yourself and touching yourself? I couldn't stop thinking about you."

I feel the heat rising in my cheeks and I bite my lip; running my finger down his chest and in the end, palming him through his jeans. His breath gets heavy and he briefly closes his eyes. "What are you doing to me?" He husks. 

"Whatever you want me to."




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