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"You're in a relationship with my best friend, Harry. My best friend is your girlfriend. We really should not be doing this."

"This is so wrong...- but at the same time...-"

"Nothing's ever felt so right."



Harry Styles Alternate Universe


6. Nothing we can do about it.

Songs for this chapter:
- Fetish | Selena Gomez (feat Gucci Mane)
- Touch | Little Mix
- Flawless | Mads Langer
- Hands | The Vamps


"Oh, Harry," I moan as he peels his shirt off his body, revealing his defined body and smooth, tattooed skin. I love that look he gets in his eyes when he looks at me. That look, that makes me feel like I'm the only one in the world to him. A look I've never received before in my life.

His green eyes are shining brightly, his lips a deep pink and slightly swollen from the kissing, his hair messy from the many times my hands have gone through his curls. He looks like something out of a dream.

He smirks at me and dips his head down, letting his lips touch the skin on my neck. The feeling is exquisite and I never want to let it go. He drives me crazy, and even though I shouldn't, I just can't get enough of him.

I tug at the roots of his hair, and a muffled moan resonates through the room and Harry lifts his head to look at me. The green of his eyes has turned a shade darker and he looks like a hungry lion, and I'm the gazelle.

"I want you to moan my name, baby," he drawls and shivers are sent down my spine by the rasp in his voice. He moves his slender fingers down and lightly touch the heated skin in between my legs. I gasp at the contact and involuntarily, loudly moan his name. He smirks down at me, pushes two fingers inside me and says: "Again."

I gasp and grip onto his shoulder. He bites his lip and looks at me with a deep lust set in his eyes. He then shakes his head, takes his fingers out. I give him a confused look, but he simply smiles and mouths bedroom. I smile back, get up and take him by the hand and lead him to my bedroom. 

When inside the bedroom, I stand with my front towards the window and realise it's gotten dark outside. I feel Harry come up behind me and feel his hands snake their way around my waist; pulling me closer to his chest. He plants a delicate kiss on my shoulder and I can feel his warm breath run down my neck. 

He takes a step back, puts his large hands on my shoulders and pushes my kimono down. The silky fabric lands with a soft thud on the floor and I hear a soft gasp escape Harry's lips. I smile and turn around and find him watching my every step with hunger and admiration. 

He tugs his jeans off and reveals the large bulge in his black, snug boxers. The look in his eyes is enough to make want to scream, and it only makes it worse when his soft lips trace up my shoulder and down between the crevice between my breasts. It's. the most delicate, yet mindblowing sensation I've ever felt, and it's all because of him. 

"Did you mean it?" He suddenly whispers, his head peeking up and his eyes look straight into mine. He looks vulnerable and exposed, and yet there's still a confidence to him. His lips are red and swollen, his chest rises and falls rapidly, his hair is messy. 

"Mean what?" I say back, and put my hand up to his face and trace his cheekbone with the tip of my finger. My touch makes him shiver and sigh deeply before he opens his eyes and they shine a more vibrant green than they ever have. 

"At the restaurant... when you told me I shouldn't think about that night." The realisation hits me, and I'm about to tell him that I was just trying to do what's right, but didn't actually mean what I say, but he cuts me off with a soft kiss. 

"Because if that's the case, then I won't go any further, but if you, in just the slightest way, feel the same about me as I do about you, then I won't hesitate one more second." He finally finishes and I feel speechless. 

I can't fathom how he can't see that I crave even the slightest touch from him, and just the sounds of his voice could make me faint? How can he not tell, that everything he does makes me crazy and that I adore him in every possible way? Never had I thought that a man this attractive and amazing would ever waste a minute on me, and yet have I been blessed with this God of a man. 

"Ronnie?" He raises an eyebrow and I lick my lips, before wrapping my arms around him and pulling him closer to me. His warm skin feels amazing against mine, and I can't wait to have him even closer. 

"How can you not see that I am crazy about you? I have craved you so much since New Years that I thought I was going insane," I breathe and a small smile caresses his perfectly sculpted lips. 

He keeps up to his promise and doesn't waste one more second before his lips crash against mine, and his hand find my breast and the other my hair. I moan softly and reach my hand down between us and down to his hard member, which is still covered by his boxers. 

I reach inside the fabric and wrap my fingers around his silky smooth skin. I can feel him shiver and he moans into my ear. Everything he was doing, he stops and focuses on the pleasure I'm giving him. 

His eyes close as I start moving my hand up and down, and give him a little squeeze. His breathing has slowed down and he's breathing heavily. I bite my lip and run my thumb over the tip of his dick. He moans and opens his eyes. He searches my face and then kisses me with deep passion. 

"You, are amazing." He says and kisses my neck. I smile and kiss him back, then I wrap my fingers around the waistband of his boxers and pulls them down, not caring for the teasing or the foreplay anymore. 

"Eager, huh?" He smirks and raises an eyebrow. I blush and look away from him, but I hear him chuckle and then he wraps two fingers around my chin and turns my head to him. "I'm teasing. I'm eager, too. Trust me!"

He then sits up on his knees, with one knee on each side of my hip, and I can't help but look at his body. His toned chest, that adorned with the different shapes and sizes of his beautiful tattoos. His hard member that you cannot help but gawk at. His beautiful face, with those dimples, that simple and those eyes. 

We're both completely naked now, and I feel like I'm on Cloud-9 and high on ecstasy. I have never felt this good, and I don't want to let the feeling go. I know that he doesn't either, and that's what makes me happy. 

I know he never wants this feeling to go away, either. He may not have said it, but I can see it in his eyes. It's almost as if we were destined to meet at The Rose that New Years night because it seems like no matter how hard we may try, we can't do anything about the attraction we have for each other. Nothing we can do about it, really. 

His face is only illuminated by the faint moonlight outside and seductively licks his lips as his eyes rake over my body in hunger, as I'm lying there on the bed. The hunger in his eyes makes me feel like a deer in the headlights, incapable of escape. 

"God, you're beautiful," he whispers and lets his finger rake down my torso to just above the place that's waiting for his touch. 

His fingers slip down and meet my sensitive skin, and he groans at the contact. His thumb moves to my clit, and he starts rubbing it with slow, tantalizing movements. I gasp as he pushes two fingers into me, and I widen my eyes before closing them in pleasurable pain. He bends down and connects his lips with the sweaty skin on my neck and jaw. 

As his fingers move, I can feel myself getting closer to my end and I claw his shoulders with my nails and bite my lip to contain the loud moans that I'm releasing. I open my eyes and find him smirking down at me. He leaves a quick kiss on my lips, before curling his fingers inside me, and I scream in pleasure.

I can feel myself getting closer and I start moving my hips with the movements of his hand to get him to move faster, but it has the opposite effect, as he stops completely and pulls his hand away. He smiles smugly down at me, brings his hand up to his mouth and sucks on his fingers in a way that he knows will drive me crazy. 

In a matter of seconds, he's propped my legs up and moved his head down to my heated area. His curls tickle my thighs a bit, but I don't pay it any attention as I'm waiting excitedly for the feeling he's going to bring me. 

He blows cool air on my clit and I squirm, but he wraps his arms around my legs to hold me in place before he leans forward and his warm lips collide with my sensitive skin. I gasp loudly and wrap my hands around the sheets. 

His cool tongue slides across my lips and I curl my toes in pleasure. He's sucking, licking and lightly biting and I feel like I'm floating on a cloud in heaven. I wrap my hands in the curly mop of hair on his head and hear him groan. 

After minutes in torturous heaven, he looks up, his lips moist and a sultry look painted on his face. He looks divine, and I can't believe he's mine to devour. I lick my lips and bring his face to meet mine and plant a kiss on his lips. He pushes his tongue into my mouth and I gladly let him dominate. He moves his head and starts nibbling on my neck, surely leaving a mark. 

He lifts his head and looks deep into my eyes with his deep jade ones. He bites his lip and plants a tender kiss on my forehead, before lining himself up next to my opening. He seems to be looking for approval in my eyes, so I give him a subtle nod, which seems to be enough for him to push his member into me. The tip of his length teases my entrance and he lets out a heavy breath before pushing inside me.

I moan at the contact and praise the Lord that I am on the pill so that I get to really feel him. He seems to be thinking the same thing as he lets out a small "oh my God". He pushes himself in deeper and I can't describe the feeling but utter bliss. 

This man consumes me so much. All my morals and ethics go away with one look from him. Everything I believed I would never do, I find myself doing, all thanks to him. And I don't even regret it. He's a bloody God-send, that's what he is. 

"Oh God, Ronnie. You feel so good," he murmurs and kisses me deeply. I kiss him back and moan in response to his words. It feels so good that every thought I might have had gets overtaken by him and his entire being. 

He pants and picks up the speed of his tantalizing movements. His lips meet the sensitive skin on my neck and he sucks slightly and I moan at the combination of it all. My hands find their way to his messy hair, and I tug at the roots and bite my lip to conceal a high-pitched moan.

I can feel myself nearing the end, and I can tell he is, too, by the way, he speeds up yet again and his breathing gets heavier. I'm panting by now, as well, and with the last thrusts his eyes go white for a second and he looks to be in Heaven itself. Then he kisses me, passionately and caringly. 

He looks like an angel, and there's nothing about him that I'm not absolutely taken by. His voice sounds like the most beautiful symphony. His eyes could literally look into your soul and make you confess your deepest, darkest secret. His lips could tell a million lies, and yet you would still be captivated by the beautiful words that come out of them. His dimples that you could drown in if gotten the chance. He's literal perfection. 

"I-I'm close," Harry rips me out of the jumble in my head and I look up at the man that's currently whispering small proclaims of love and lust in my ear while lazily taking his last thrusts, and covering my face with small sloppy kisses.

I come the same time as him, and he slowly pulls out of me and lays down beside me, and his breathing is ragged and his face is flushed with a deep crimson colour, that's matching his red, parted lips, that's letting small huffs of air out.

"I repeat," he says and smirk, looking at me with half opened eyes, "you, my darling, are amazing." 


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