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"You're in a relationship with my best friend, Harry. My best friend is your girlfriend. We really should not be doing this."

"This is so wrong...- but at the same time...-"

"Nothing's ever felt so right."



Harry Styles Alternate Universe


2. I'm selfish I know.




Songs for this chapter:
- No Control | One Direction
- Little Black Dress | One Direction
- Slow Hands | Niall Horan
- What Lovers Do | Maroon 5


Chapter one.


My finger drums on the steering wheel as I wait for Elizabeth to join me in my car; humming lowly to the music. After what feels like several hours, she steps out of the door to her apartment building and grins at me, as she makes her way towards my car.

"Sorry, I'm a little late." She says as she opens the car door and sighs heavily as she sits down. She runs a hand through her windblown hair and reaches over the console to pull me into a hug. "My God have I missed you, Veronica Keller!"

"I missed you, too, Elizabeth Collins, it's been way too long." I laugh and take in the sweet scent of my best friend. She chuckles but only hugs me tighter.

"I know. Three months is way too long without my best friend," she pulls away and sends me her beautiful smile. I don't think it's possible, but she looks even more beautiful than she did the last time I saw her. She's glowing and radiant. Her smile has never been bigger than it is and her cheeks are flushed a deep crimson. She's even wearing bloody makeup!

"You've fucking met someone, haven't you?!" I point a finger at her and she blushes deeper and bites her lip. I fucking knew it! She's always like this when she meets a man. She's usually on-point and never late, but when she meets someone, she takes extra time making herself ready for the world - probably dreaming about Prince Charming. She wears makeup to impress. She smiles uncontrollably.

"I may have gotten myself a boyfriend, yes." She shyly remarks and my face immediately lights up. She giggles and I slam my hand against the steering wheel and look at her with a wide grin on my lips.

"Oh my God, Liza! Tell me everything! What's his name? Is he fit? Sweet? Good in bed?" I bite my lip when her faces turn a deep crimson, and she hides her face behind her hands.

She clears her throat at shifts uncomfortably in the seat, before glancing at me out of the corner of her eyes. "His name's Harry. He is very fit, and sweet, he's just amazing." She gushes and smiles at the mention of her boyfriend. "As for the last question; no comment."

By the mention of her boyfriend's name, my heart stops and a heat spreads to my face. Harry. The dreamy guy from New Years', who kissed me at midnight despite having a girlfriend, and who later brought me to his place, where we spent an entire night under the sheets; heavy breathing and loud moans the only exchange between us.

I know it was wrong of me to sleep with a guy who's got a girlfriend, but it's not like I'm ever going to see him ever again. Unless he just happens to be the one out of a million whose name is Harry, who's Liza's boyfriend. But I highly doubt that. She would never go for a guy who would cheat on her, she would be able to tell right away.

"He sounds lovely," I quip and wind the window a bit down to get some fresh air to cool down.

"He is lovely. I mean he's a perf- hey! Why are you blushing?" She exclaims and I mentally groan. I shrug and focus on driving. "Well, well, well. What's his name, Ronnie?"

"He doesn't have a name. Just a guy I kissed at the club." I tell. It's not that I don't want to share what Harry and I did that magical night, but if I do, she'll start asking, even more, questions and then I'll end up telling her that he's got a boyfriend and then she'll judge the hell out of me, and I'm not in the mood. I already feel bad about it.

"Hmmm, whatever you say," she smirks and looks out the window. I roll my eyes and pull up in front of my apartment. We both emerge out in the rain and hurry to the door.

As I close the door to my apartment and relish in the warmth inside, I hear a low giggle from behind me, and I look back at Elizabeth with a cocked eyebrow. I kick my shoes off and shrug my coat off and try to ignore her continuous giggles, but after five minutes I turn around and look at her with my arms crossed in front of my chest.

"What are you giggling at?"

She looks shyly up at me from her phone and snorts. "It's just Harry." She smiles at me and I grin back at her. "Hey, uhm. I wanted to ask you something."

I nod and urge her to carry on as I step into the kitchen to start on a brew. "Just know that it's fine if you say no, I won't be disappointed."

"What is it, Liza?" I ask and turn to look at her. She looks nervous but shrugs it off with a small sigh.

"Okay, I know that it's the first time in fourteen days that we're seeing each other, but I wanted to ask if Harry could join us for dinner tonight?" She fiddles with her shirt and bites her lip. Join us for dinner? I scrunch my nose and wipe some wet hair away from my forehead.

"So I can sit and be third-wheel while you suck each other's faces off? I don't know, Liz," of course I'm just teasing, I'm dying to meet this mystery guy. "Of course he can join us."

She smiles hugely and wraps her arms around me and keeps whispering thank you. Yesterday, Elizabeth and I had agreed we should go out and have a girl's night out. Dinner at a fancy restaurant and then go to a club to get plastered, so it's only going to get even better if Harry joins us.

After that, we sit and talk for about an hour over a cup of tea and just have a great time. But then we see what time it is, and we both hurry to dress up for the night. I settle on a tight black dress and some smoky eye-shadow, paired with a nude lipstick. Liz chooses one of my maroon dresses and some red lipstick. We both look so good, and I feel happy on Harry's behalf to have such a gorgeous girlfriend.

On the way to the restaurant, where Harry is meeting us, Liz keeps fiddling in her seat and rubs her sweaty hands on the dress. I can tell she's really serious about this guy, so I hope for his sake he doesn't fuck it up, and if he hurts her, I will not hesitate to cut his balls off and feed them to him.

But other than that, I'm genuinely really excited to meet him. Just to meet the guy who's stolen my best friend's heart, means a lot to me. Elizabeth hasn't always been the luckiest when it comes to boyfriends, and there's been a couple of really bad ones - not the physically abusing ones though, yet - and I've always been there to help her through the breakup, so to know that she's this excited about him, and says he's really sweet and the perfect boyfriend, really makes me happy.

For her, as much as myself.

Don't get me wrong, I love helping Liz, but I hate to see her hurt. It makes feel so gutted, and I would hate to have to do it again.

"Relax, Liz. He's going to be a dream, and you've got nothing to worry about," I try to assure her as I park in front of the restaurant. She sighs heavily and slowly nods her head. I smile at her and gently give her arm a reassuring squeeze, before stepping out of the car and into the restaurant.

"Uh, a reservation for Keller and Collins?" I say to the waiter and he smiles at me before checking his system. He looks up again after a minute, still with the bright smile on his lips, that I'm absolutely sure is as fake as the plant beside him.

"Yes. Your company already arrived a few minutes back," he says and Liz lets out a low squeal and grabs my hand. The waiter seems to walk in slow motion as he guides us to our table, but so does everything else.

It's like we're in a movie, and this is the big revelation scene in it, where everything is in slow motion before the killer or something is revealed. Elizabeth's hand is holding mine tightly and they're warm and clammy, but I don't mind.

I can hear the distant clatter of cutlery against the china plates and laughter from the people. A child is crying somewhere in the back, and a loud man is laughing loudly and in that rich-guy way, that always makes you cringe.

The waiter suddenly stops and Liz drops my hand and runs off, presumably to her boyfriend.

In a second, my whole world seems to stop spinning and everything pauses.

In a second, it seems that my heart stops beating and my blood runs cold.

Black, Chelsea boots. Snug, black jeans. A loose fitting, white shirt, that's unbuttoned to the middle of his chest. The swallows on his upper chest are hardly visible, but for someone who's seen him without that shirt, it's not hard to make it out. You can just see the top of a second one, just below his chest, but again, I've seen it, so I know the beautiful butterfly that decorates his smooth skin. It's like I'm seeing him for the first time, and I can't stop my eyes from widening.

My eyes find his, and I suck in a deep breath when I see those fiery green eyes again. Ones I thought I'd never see ever again, but now suddenly find are my best friend's boyfriend. He's looking me straight in the eyes with such intensity that it almost hurts, but my glare doesn't falter. He looks nervous when he sees me, and I understand why.

Elizabeth clears her throat and I quickly dart my eyes to her; afraid that she might have seen our stare, but she hasn't, and even though I already knew it, when she says those five words, my whole world shatters. "Ronnie, this is Harry. My boyfriend."

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