Spur of the moment poems

Delve into the portal that is my soul transformed into words. I'm still a little hesitant about putting my poetry out for the world to read, but do what you will. They're just poems that came to me either in the middle of the night, or the light of day.


3. Four Horsemen

AN: I wrote this during basic training for the army so each section is pretty small due to the limited amount of free time.



Sickness creeps in to play

Pestilence claims the day

Allowed to spread, it paves the way.

Humanity, it's time to pay.



The fields are red with blood now shed

Flowers blossom, bright and red

Sounds of weapons fire 'round

War is once again allowed.



Famine loves small towns

No food can be found

Caused by war that's done no good

Everything, misunderstood.



Death, Death, it's no joke

You laugh and laugh and then you choke

And before you completely broke,

there's one last thing that he spoke...


I think I had a little more fun than I should have on that last one :P

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