I came up with this story after listening and watching the music video of Emergency by Paramore. I never finished it so let's see if I can manage that on here.


1. The pair of opposites.

     I was thrown onto the stone floor that was my now my cell in the dungeon. There were cuts all over my body from a fight that had broken out. I had refused to go down without a fight and I made sure I took some guards down with me. The white dress my sister had made for me had become tattered thanks to that stupid fight. It used to extend to my ankles, but it had gotten shortened to my knees. The long sleeves on it hadn't shortened but the blood that flew during the fight as well as my own blood now stained the white fabric. My sister was definitely going to be angry when I got home. I looked around my cell. The walls were made of brick and there were no windows. The sorry excuse for a bed that they had in here was a stack of hay. I sat against the far wall and blew some of my hair out of my face. Different parts of my body ached from the cuts, but otherwise I was okay.

     Just then the guards brought in a man that I had faintly noticed in the brawl. He wasn't the one I had been fighting, but he had been there. The man had long black hair pulled back with a piece of twine. His violet eyes seemed uninterested with his surroundings. He didn't seem worried about anything either. He wore an off white shirt with brown pants and brown traveler's boots. His fists were covered in blood as well as the rest of his body along with a few bruises here and there. Beneath all that blood, some cuts were visible, but I couldn't tell who the majority of the blood on him belonged to. The guards had thrown the guy into the cell to the right of mine. I heard his body collide with the stone, but he made no sound or indication that it hurt. He just stayed completely silent, as if he was used to this kind of treatment.

     A second guy was being escorted in behind him. This one had short shoulder length blonde hair that seemed uncontrollable with the way it was all over the place, or was that a byproduct of the brawl? His eyes were an odd shade of orange that seemed to match his fiery personality. I quickly lost interest of him though. His voice however was hard to ignore. He was currently yelling profanities and insults as well as trying to defend his innocence. His voice was loud and full of energy. I couldn't imagine him being any older than eighteen years. As the blonde was shoved into the cell and onto the stone floor, I heard his companion speak. It was a deep silky voice, "Be quiet Reishi."

    "No, I wont," Reishi announced still fired up. I heard the guards slam the door, apparently tired of dealing with the pair. He then proclaimed to the guards as they were walking away, "It wasn't our fault! That damn foreigner started it!" The guards chose to ignore him. It's not like they would release him even if they did believe his proclamation. The guards were only following orders, at least these ones were. The blonde's temper wasn't quelled and his incessant exclamations went on for another hour or so. Afterwards, he went quiet seemingly giving up. This did nothing to soothe a headache he had already given me though.

     I thought back to what Reishi said about a foreigner. I hadn't seen a foreigner. Whether that was because I was too occupied with being punched in the face, or my vision being obscured by the crowd, was hard to tell. The town guards had reacted rather quickly to that fight now that I thought about it. They had been nowhere in sight beforehand and then all of a sudden they were there to stop it. It all seemed a bit odd to me, but it didn't matter. I wouldn't be in here for more than a day.

     The two in the cell had gotten pretty quiet. I leaned against the bars at the front of the cell and looked to the direction of theirs, "Hey, what was that you said about a foreigner? I was in that brawl and I don't remember seeing a foreigner."

     It wasn't strange for a foreigner to be in the village. We had a lot to provide for anyone seeking knowledge and skills. However, we hadn't had anyone in months, partly due to the bandits in the forest. They had begun to attack anyone that entered. They mainly preyed on the ones that looked defenseless or wealthy, sometimes both. I noticed this the last time I had ventured into the forest. I had also been wearing a dress my sister had made. She was not happy when I came back beaten and covered in blood. The dress had been damaged in the fight. I had taken a few of them out, but bandits like to travel in groups. There were too many for me to fight off.

     "Don't tell her Reishi. This doesn't involve her. If she knows what's good for her, she'll stay out of it," The violet eyed one stated. That one statement irritated me more than it should have. I bit my tongue to stop all of the things I wanted to say to that.


     One of the guards came to deliver food to the lowly prisoners in the cells waiting for a sentence to be made. He first gave Reishi and the irritating one their food. He then came over to me and slid mine through the bars. Right before the guard left I grabbed his keys and tucked them behind my back should he turn back around. He did, but only mock me. He made empty promises of releasing me if I gave him certain "favors." I smiled sweetly and replied, "In your dreams asshole." The guard laughed and as he walked said something along the lines of "your loss." I picked up my food and sat against the wall, waiting for my chance to escape.

     "Seems you have some sticky fingers there. How often does that come in handy?" The violet eyed guy asked.

     "Sorry, I shouldn't talk to strangers. I've been told it never ends well," I smirked. He didn't have anything to say to that.


     Guards tended to become real lazy in the darkest hours of the night. Sitting in silence, I noticed the guard stationed in front of my cell nod off to sleep. I tested each of the keys quietly before succeeding. I noticed in the cell next to mine, Reishi was fast asleep while his companion sat awake deep in thought. I tossed the keys to him and motioned for him to follow if he wanted.

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