Most people have both a first name and a surname, some even one or two middle names.
Then again, most people aren't the result of a series of illegal human experiments whom only have a name because an ID number is too long to use in everyday conversation.

Rose is her full name. Well, her official name is 79250128, but Rose is a lot easier to remember, don't you think?


3. story cover??

Okay so honestly this cover is all thanks to one of my dear friends who chose this because of Rose's name and you know the picture is like also and then and yeah that too. BUT. I feel like it might not match the story's content, soooo I made a few other suggestions. And yes, I suck at editing but help me choose anyway.


Suggestion number one: (current)

Suggestion number two:

Suggestion number three:


Honestly quite fond of all three. I have to admit that so far, cover, name, plot and everything else I have planned, I'm feeling pretty good about this story... I really hope I won't ruin it:/ 

Leave your choice in the comments!xx

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